Hornets Balance Athletics with Academics

By Klyve Morisseau ’18         

Midwood provides students with different sports team to join. Being a Hornet is something to be proud of; however it comes with great responsibility. Student-Athletes must properly balance their academics with their extracurricular activities. Many Hornets have difficulty in doing so, as many quit their teams because of stress or bad grades.

For junior Hornets this is a stressful time of picking colleges and preparing for the SAT/ACT. Students will feel overwhelmed with the pressure of their future to even focus about sports.

Maham Saleemi’18 said, “Having enough time to myself between playing a sport and doing other extracurricular on top of my school work can take up my whole day leaving me with little to no time for myself”.

Hornets suffer from lack of sleep due to their school work and team practice. They could end up sleeping for less than 6 hours of sleep and waking up early for 1st period doesn’t help

Edwin Ramos’18 said,” it’s hard to find the time to work on school and lacrosse. I really want to be the best athlete I can be, but I also want to be the best student.”

If a Hornet is really dedicated to the sport he/she is playing, they have to study harder than non athletes to keep up with the pace of their class. If hornet wishes to play at college level their academic performance is a key factor in join a college team

Joyce Chu’18 said, it’s really difficult balancing my schedule out because if I have practice or a game, I get home really late and it’s hard for me to do homework or study because I’m tired. I want to dedicate more time to lacrosse, but at the same time I want my grades to be good too that’s sort of hard when you’re on a team.”

PSAL (Public School Athletic League) creates interscholastic competition for all New York City public high schools and offers up to 25 varsity sports. The only way a student athlete can participate in a sports team if they are eligible academically, attendance, if they are suspended, and grade/age.

PSAL  rule of 5+1 said,” In order to gain and/ or maintain eligibility a student-athlete must pass five credit bearing courses (not 5 credits) + physical education, if taken, in the most recent final marking period (January or June). In addition, a student-athlete must pass five credit bearing courses + physical education in the marking periods closest to December 1st and /or April 15th to continue his/her eligibility.”

If you find yourself needing help in class, Midwood offers many afterschools tutoring to raise your grades and gives you the edge you need in class.


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