G.O. Cards Show Proof of Service

By Shakila Islam ‘18 and Amanda McBain ‘18

G.O cards are an investment beneficial to both the school and students. This colorful slip of paper can be purchased each year for five dollars from the Coordinator of Student Affairs, Mr.  Lawrence Kolotkin in room 417.

“Students have the ability to give back to the school and help other people around the school,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

With the purchase of a G.O card students are able to acquire and record service credits, without it the service done by students goes unrecognized. These credits can be earned from office or classroom monitoring and club or team membership.

According to Ms. Kathleen Maguira of the Records Office, sports team members can earn from 20-30 credits, club members can earn 5-10 credits, office monitors can earn 5-20 credits, and classroom monitors can earn 5-10 credits.

Amanda Shi ’18 said, “To earn service credits I monitored for Ms. Angela Mazza, participated in SING, and I performed in the Spring Concert.”

At the end of each semester, students have their G.O card signed by an advisor, coach, or staff member and must return their card to the Records Office at room 131 to be recorded.

“The G.O cards are attached to an individual mastercard, where the service credits are accumulative and then Ms. Daniels confirms that number,” said Ms. Maguira.

Some of the services which the students participate in are also funded by the money raised from selling the G.O cards.

“The money earned goes to the school account, which is then used for sports teams and school events, such as SING,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

Students are encouraged to purchase a G.O card to gain entry into the honor society, Archon. Students applying must have attained at least 105 service credits with 30 stemming from student activities and 45 from office or classroom monitoring.

“I applied to Arista, and Archon because it shows colleges that you helped your school during your free time,” said Maham Qureshi ’17.

   Daniel Spektor ’19 said, “I plan on applying to Archon, because I want to have it on my profile for advanced programs, as well as for colleges to notice on my academic history.”

  G.O  cards not only advance the future college careers of students, but also teach them the importance of service.

  “School-wide service is a good introduction to what students should be doing after-school, which is to help the community. It teaches students that it takes time and commitment to help community members,” said Mr. Kolotkin.

Sherell Farmer said, “I love school service because it allows me to give back to the school and make an impact that’ll last far beyond my 4 years here. I think school service has really taught me the importance of teamwork and collaboration because a lot of service in the school is with others and when we work together we make the greatest impact on our school.”

 Having a G.O card provides students with many opportunities and teaches them lessons similar to that of our school values.

  “G.O cards keep people honest about their service credits, service shows that students respect to the school, and student build up integrity by helping out the school,” said Mr. Kolotkin.


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