Don’t be a Scrub, Come Join a Club

By Shuzhen Deng ‘18

Joining a club can help students build leadership and meet new people. After a long day, we are all tired and want to go home. However, the time spent in club will be worth it.

There’s over 50 clubs to choose, from art to ping-pong. If you join a club, you’ll earn service credit just by doing your favorite thing. It is a great opportunity to meet new students with similar interests.  

Erika S. Bolt ‘18, who was in the KJC(Korean Japanese and Chinese Learning Club) said, “I picked this club because it’s a fun way to meet people and learn about another country’s culture and language.”

Clubs enrich students by teaching them new skills that they won’t learn in school. It also makes students feel they are part of a group. It gives students confidence in their interest at the same time giving them self-esteem.

Keying Lao ‘18, who was in film club said, “I want to learn new skills in photoshop and making films.”

Lao wasn’t enrolled in film class before, but she’s interested in making films, and she’s able to learn the skill through film club.

Clubs can also benefit your college application. Colleges seek smart and outgoing students who participate in many activities. It looks good on a college application to show commitment and dedication to something. The types of classes and clubs you are taking give college a sense of your interests and what you want to achieve.

Angel Zou ‘17, one of the students who started the KJC said, “It allowed me to meet other students from the younger grades and at the same time it helped me develop leadership. The process it takes to get a club starting and the experience will most likely be the same in college.”

Clubs not only look good on your application, it also shapes students to become better leaders, which is an important skill for future jobs.

There will be a club and sports fair on March 9, during period 10 in the cafeteria for any student who is interested in joining one. Students can also go to the Midwood website or the coordinator of student affairs Mr. Kolotkin in room 417 for the club list or any additional information.


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