Boys Track Team Sprints Past Competition

By Anthony Damon ’18

With the indoor season in full swing, the Boys Track Team looks to further their success through hard work and sticking to their training regimen. Each runner has his own individual goals, and they must train constantly in order to achieve these goals.

“This season I am trying to break five minutes on the mile,” said Samuel Chervinsky ’18. “It would also be nice if I could qualify for cities in the two mile. To do this I think about things that motivate me, and I use this motivation to work hard in practice every day.”

Each runner competes in different meets depending on their strengths and weaknesses. Tai Brown ’18 recently ran in the 55-meter hurdles, finishing second with a time on 7.47 seconds, two tenths of a second behind the winner. In the hurdles, Brown is ranked fifth in the United States, making him one of the top runners in the country.  

“I ensure my success at a track meet by carrying out everything that I’ve practiced and learned, and applying these methods to my performance,” said Brown.

As a team, the goal is to have as many runners as possible place in their own events. The team wants to improve and in order to do so they must all get better individually.

“My goals consist of just improving in every way I can,” said Brown. “We will get better as a team if everyone gets better, and does their job.”

Coaching is a big part of the team’s success because the coach lays the foundation for team members to build off of.  Mr. Marc Cohen is the man who helps guide these runners in the right direction. Mr. Cohen puts the boys through rigorous training that helps them gain stamina and strength in their legs.

“Some runners are more distance oriented and some are more speed oriented, once that is determined I can begin to conduct individual workouts based on the runners’ strengths,” said Mr. Cohen. “When one team member achieves his goal, the whole team achieves. It just feels great that I had somewhat of a hand in their success.”  

The ultimate goal is to get better, but winning a race or getting onto the podium makes it even better. While winning isn’t the main goal, it gives the runners something to strive for every time they step onto the track.

“Placing in a race feels like you have accomplished exactly what you’ve been training for,” said Chervinsky. “All of your work has gone into that one race, and the fact that you can hit those times just shows yourself and everyone else that you can compete.”  

The team is looking to finish the indoor season strong and head into the outdoor season with momentum. While the outdoor season is different, the team continues to prepare the same way they have and hope to be successful in the upcoming season.

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