Julie Greenspan Wins Wingate Award

By Abeer Naeem ’17 Julie Greenspan ’17, has justified her title of being a volleyball star by winning the Wingate award. The Wingate award, otherwise known as the highest honor a PSAL athlete can receive, will officially be given to Greenspan at a dinner in the spring. Being honored for her outstanding achievements, Greenspan was delighted to receive this honor. Greenspan said, “It is an … Continue reading Julie Greenspan Wins Wingate Award

Boys Track Team Sprints Past Competition

By Anthony Damon ’18 With the indoor season in full swing, the Boys Track Team looks to further their success through hard work and sticking to their training regimen. Each runner has his own individual goals, and they must train constantly in order to achieve these goals. “This season I am trying to break five minutes on the mile,” said Samuel Chervinsky ’18. “It would … Continue reading Boys Track Team Sprints Past Competition

Hornets Balance Athletics with Academics

By Klyve Morisseau ’18          Midwood provides students with different sports team to join. Being a Hornet is something to be proud of; however it comes with great responsibility. Student-Athletes must properly balance their academics with their extracurricular activities. Many Hornets have difficulty in doing so, as many quit their teams because of stress or bad grades. For junior Hornets this is … Continue reading Hornets Balance Athletics with Academics

Understanding HPV

By Evelyn Perez ‘18 Viruses such as the Human Papilloma Virus – a sexually transmitted virus – can be prevented by getting a vaccine. According to http://www.planedparenthood.org, “HPV can cause cervical, vulvar, and anal cancer.” In addition, the vaccine can also protect against genital warts. There are three types of the HPV vaccine: Gardasil, Gardasil 9, and Cervarix. Ms. Marva Brown, the school nurse, said, … Continue reading Understanding HPV

Women March for Equal Rights

By Rachel Rodin ’18 Hundreds of thousands of people protested for their rights in New York on January 21, 2017. Men, women, and children showed up to march, giving it a grand total of almost 500,000 participants. The protests have been going on for almost 170 years. Originally, women’s rights marches started in 1848 in Seneca Falls and only consisted of 100 men and women. … Continue reading Women March for Equal Rights

World Issues Club Ignites Conversation

By Dylan Ramkissoon ‘18 and Daniel Pavlov ‘18 The World Issues club, started by club president Andy Solter ‘18 and vice president Md Hoque ‘18, is a club where the hottest topics of the world are debated and discussed by a group of about seven to fifteen students. The club meets in room every Wednesday during ninth period where any student can drop by and … Continue reading World Issues Club Ignites Conversation

Students Celebrate Year of the Rooster

By Emily Jiang ’18            Chinese New Year is when people celebrate the New Year with their family. People often have New Year’s dinner, receive money from close relatives and also give money. Chinese New Year occurs on a different date than New Years (January 1) because it follows a different calendar. Additionally, Chinese New Year lasts for approximately fifteen days in late January. During … Continue reading Students Celebrate Year of the Rooster

G.O. Cards Show Proof of Service

By Shakila Islam ‘18 and Amanda McBain ‘18 G.O cards are an investment beneficial to both the school and students. This colorful slip of paper can be purchased each year for five dollars from the Coordinator of Student Affairs, Mr.  Lawrence Kolotkin in room 417. “Students have the ability to give back to the school and help other people around the school,” said Mr. Kolotkin. … Continue reading G.O. Cards Show Proof of Service

Don’t be a Scrub, Come Join a Club

By Shuzhen Deng ‘18 Joining a club can help students build leadership and meet new people. After a long day, we are all tired and want to go home. However, the time spent in club will be worth it. There’s over 50 clubs to choose, from art to ping-pong. If you join a club, you’ll earn service credit just by doing your favorite thing. It … Continue reading Don’t be a Scrub, Come Join a Club

What’s the Point of Valentine’s Day?

By Lauren Heng ‘18 Known as the “romantic holiday”, Valentine’s Day is much more than the celebration of love or giving bears, chocolates, and flowers to our loved ones. Valentine’s Day is clouded in myth and legend with uncanny roots. This romantic holiday was once known as Saint Valentine’s Day to native Romans. A type of celebration involved a commemorative feast, lasting two days (Feb. … Continue reading What’s the Point of Valentine’s Day?