TV Club Provides Creative Outlet

By Hamial Asif ’18 and Inteshar Mohi ‘18

Clubs are one of the things that makes school fun and finding one that meets your interests can be difficult. T.V. club is a new way to interact with others and watch your favorite T.V. shows and movies while still being in school.

“T.V club is a great opportunity to meet new people and bond over common interests in different T.V. shows and movies,” said president of the club Briana Staten ‘18.

The club was created in order for people to communicate with others and earn credit without complicated events after school.

“It’s an easy extracurricular activity to do and colleges can see that you’re a well rounded student,” said Staten.

In this club you are welcomed to speak your mind and not judged for what you watch or think about something. Everyone is free to express themselves in discussions and opinion based conversations.

Dorlleen Jiang ‘19 said, “I feel really relaxed here it’s nice to just have a free period to watch T.V. shows or movies and just chat with friends about what we are watching unlike other clubs”.

Staten said, “T.V. Club will have themed T.V. show months, starting with cartoon month for January.   Basically for each month, students will vote on a show based on the genre.”

Each month a new genre will be chosen that the club will use to decide which movies and T.V. shows to watch and discuss. The genre that the club has decided for February is horror.

“We get together, discuss and let ourselves out of our comfort zones to try something new and watch different genres for a change,” said Siobhan Guerin ‘19.

Stephanie Romero ’18 said, “I joined because I wanted to talk to other people about my favorite shows, not just my friends.  I also thought it would be a good way to meet new people.”

At the moment the name of the club is T.V. club; however, soon it will be changed to Midwood Media. If you are looking for a club with a relaxed and friendly environment at the end of the day that allows everyone to express themselves while watching T.V. shows and movies, then you might want to join T.V club in room 315 during periods 9 and 10 every other Thursday under the supervision of Mr. Matthew Fleming.


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