Track Team Ready to Run Past Opponents

By Abeer Naeem ’17 & Ari Gonzalez ’18 & Hasnain Iftikhar ’18

Filled with a new ambition to succeed, the Boys Track Team is ready for their long awaited Indoor Season. With many practices and races in the near future, the boys will have to prepare themselves for some of their greatest challenges yet.

In order to overcome these many challenges the Hornets will have to first train to best of their abilities under the watchful eye of their coaches, Mr. Marc Cohen and Mr. Ashley Carter-Sinclair.

“We have two types of practices which are those relating to speed and others that are dedicated to distance, stated Wilmer Matute ’19. “The speed workouts are days in which we focus more on speed and the distance orientated runs consist of building stamina.”

This thorough workout routine has benefited the boys in their previous years, and will surely do the same in the future. However, the boys plan to work harder than ever before to finally bring home the treasured PSAL banner.

Demian Scott ’19 wants to qualify for the city championship and beyond. However, along with staying focused and training hard, Scott hopes that he does better than ever before.

The motivation to do well is spread, as the entire team is fueled to produce perfection. Several boys practice both during school hours and on their own time to better their performance.

Not only is motivation a crucial point for the track team to do well, but unity and communication hold just as much importance. Seniors of the team Rodolfo Pena ’17 and Jude Evangelista ’17, are devoting their time to ensure that all members are participating and judging their progress as it is their last year.

Tai Brown ’18 is accounting for his progress by timing each run he goes on, and cutting off seconds as he improves.

“My goal is to simply improve in every race  and to better my diet,” he stated.

The coaches are impressed with the amount of effort individuals are putting into their runs, and are awaiting for results. Mr. Cohen especially is excited to see what the future holds for the team.

“I expect great things from this team, as the boys are putting in the necessary work  and have the passion to do well,” Mr. Cohen stated.

Great success is expected from the Hornets as the boys start their season with high hopes.

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