Track Team Ready to Run Past Opponents

By Ari Gonzalez’18, Hasnain Iftikhar’18

As a new term will begin, the boys track team is ready for a new season with many strong members ready to face new obstacles and overcome them. With continuous practice at hand and many races to come, the track team will have to prepare itself for some of the most challenging races while competing against other runners that are considered to be some of the best in the city.

In order to overcome these obstacles these runners would first have to be at their peak shape. And to get to this level they will have to first train hard in order to gain their place on the hierarchy of the track teams in Brooklyn and in all of New York.

Wilmer Matute’19 stated, “We have two types of practices which are work-out days, in which we work harder and focus more on speed. We also have long runs. These runs consist of running for an extended period of time to build stamina.”

This quote shows how much hard work these track athletes go through in order to get the best shapes to gain the title of best in the city. This is a great example of how hard work will eventually pay off with the title of being best in the city.

“The hard work team motivates me to become a better person by helping me build discipline and work ethic.” stated Tobi Belber’18.

In life people have many different views on what is enjoyable and for this track star the thing that fuels his motivation to improve, is the work put out by the sport and how he sees it as a challenge which he will overcome. This team also sets high bars for its runners as they are also some of the most outgoing students in the school.

Belber’18 stated, “The hard work I put on the track translates to school work and other extra curricula’s.”

This shows that working hard with the right teams will lead to success in academics and other areas of life.

The track team is one of the many teams that are provided by our school. Many people should aspire to become a runner for the team and gain an advantage of becoming friends with some of the best athletes in school while also setting an example for the lower classmen.  


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