Time Capsule to Collect Midwood Memories

By Iryna Shkurhan ’18                                                                                                  

A time capsule will be buried filled with present-day objects to be opened in 25 years on Midwood’s 100 Year Anniversary. In February of 2042, former students and teachers at the reunion will open the container.

Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, the Coordinator of Student Affairs, came up with the idea for a time capsule at a student government meeting this school year. It will be filled to the brim with modern day objects, pictures, and letters written by students to their future selves.

“The world has changed so much in the past 25 years, we want the time capsule to represent what is happening now socially and technologically,” said Mr. Kolotkin. “I want people’s essays on how the world will be like politically, what technology will we have, what technology wont people use anymore, what they think the world be like in 25 years.”

Some students have already come up with ideas for items they can place in the time capsule. A copy of the yearbook, issues of Argus, and a pair of headphones are just some of the things students have suggested.

“We should put a history textbook inside the time capsule because in 25 years it will be interesting to see what will be said about Donald Trump in school textbooks,” said Fern Bromley ’18. “We can also put in a twenty dollar bill with Andrew Jackson on it because he is being replaced by Harriet Tubman.”

Other students have suggested that we include print out memes, an Arizona bottle, technological devices and clothes that are currently in style. However, Mr. Kolotkin hopes that students will include more personal sentiments.

“What are their hopes and dreams? Where do they see themselves in 25 years?” asked Mr. Kolotkin, “I want students to write about what career they see themselves taking on and when they open it in the future it’s going to be very interesting.”

The principal has even planned to write a note to the future principal, and Mr. Kolotkin also plans to write a letter to whoever will be in his position.

The large container will be able to endure the elements by being airproof, waterproof, and soil proof. The container comes with a hefty price of $500, which will be paid for by the student government. It will be buried and covered with concrete, but the location is still undecided.


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