Lady Hornets Dribble to Victory Christmas Tournament

By Alexis Baird’ 18

Dribbling down the court after Christmas day yelling “ DEFENSE”, about 30 schools based in New York, played in the annual Christmas tournament. It was held December 27-29 from 9:00 a.m to 5:00 p.m in both the C and G gym.

The Parent Association presented the event, Midwood 2016 Basketball Invitational supported by the Lady Hornets Basketball Program. As you walked in the school, you got a choice of going to either gyms to see the game you prefer to watch. Each game lasted about an hour and a half to two hours long. Students paid $3 and adults paid $6. Concession stands were set up with snacks and drinks for people to buy ranging from $1 to $2 each. The gyms were crowded each game as people in the stands cheered on their team. This year, marks the sixth year that this Christmas tournament has been going on.

Mr. Michael Moore, the coach of the girls varsity basketball team said, “ It started out where it gave us an opportunity to play in competition games over the break. We turned a free gym for a couple days into a tournament. I usually go on the Public School Athletic League website and call various schools to ask if their interested.”

During the first year, there were 10 games played over a two day period. Now, there are 30 games over a three-day period. Overtime, this tournament grew into a big event, providing teams with an opportunity to participate in games over the break and raise funds for the girls’ basketball team.

Mr. Moore said, “ This event generates funds to provide us for the things we need such as uniforms, travel suits, book bags, sneakers, instructional videos, and transportation to and from other schools we play.”

The event also gave players an opportunity to show off their skills. College scouts and News 12 came to check out the teams and their players.

Abigail Weiss ‘17, one of the players on the team said, “ It’s a great opportunity to get some exposure. There has been a lot of college coaches and recruiters coming to the tournament. The recruitment process is not easy so I have attained good connections throughout this tournament.”

Waking up at eight in the morning wasn’t easy for some of the players. However, they made that sacrifice to come help out the whole day.

Maya Bryant ‘17, one of the player on the team said, “ It brings us together as a team and we learn how to do the game clock shot clock, and we also learn the rules of the game. Also we get to play games so we’re having fun while working.”

Instead of being on the beach and enjoying some family time during the break, these players are dedicated to playing basketball.

Weiss also said, “We’re on a mission and that is to be the best we can be and to separate ourselves from our competition. A lot of key players graduated from our program, so this year we have to work harder than everybody else. So going on vacation is a sacrifice we are willing to make.”


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