Big Sister Program Helps Hornets

By Safia Hamouche ’18 & Nikki Frankel ’18

Students struggle academically due to many reasons, and the Big Sister program offers  tutoring to freshman and sophomores who might benefit from the extra help.

“ It helps the bottom third academically struggling students or students who are struggling with two or more failing classes,” said Mrs. Simon

This program was created to not only help motivate the little sisters, but to also provide the Big Sisters, who are juniors and seniors, the opportunity to receive experience and community service credits that can benefit them later for college. This program is aimed for the big sisters to sit down and help the little sisters with their homework, any subjects they are struggling with and even help them study for any upcoming tests. There are many benefits to providing this help such as allowing the little sisters to feel a sense of encouragement that could later on positively affect their education.

“The program helps me stay on track and help me achieve better grades,” said Vanesha Promaphile 19’ a little sister.

The program was created by Mrs. Simon, a guidance counselor, who also uses the help from teachers of Midwood, usually math teachers, such as Ms. Seccafico. The tutoring service is unlike other tutoring programs in the school because the little sisters receive personal help from a big sister  in one on one sessions from 3:30 to 5:30 pm, every Tuesday and Thursday.

“ I love helping put the little sisters, not only does it allow them to do well in their academic classes and achieve better grades, but it creates a special bond between the sisters so it’s less awkward and the little sisters don’t have to be shy or embarrassed to ask for help,” said Korina Kemelmakher 18’ a big sister.

This allows the student who needs the help to receive more attention that could potentially be more successful than to have a tutoring room with only one big sister aiding three to five others students.

“The program is open to all, but our focus is students who have good attendance but need academic support. Primarily freshman transitioning into High School from Junior High School,” said Mrs. Simon.

       Overall, clubs and programs like these provide opportunities for students to receive help and the best part, it’s for free. So take advantage of it, it’ll benefit you in the long run; especially with college applications.

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