SING Production in Full Force

By Damali Ramirez ‘18

SING is a musical production that allows students to express their creativity and showcase their talents.

Senior, junior, sophomore and freshman (SoFresh) SING has been working hard for this year’s production.

Every Tuesday and Friday during periods seven and eight, seniors practice in the auditorium. Sometimes they practice on Saturdays, if the time is needed. During rehearsal they bounce ideas off each other and practice nonstop.

This year senior SING chose zombie prom as their theme. Sacha Stewart-Coleman ’17, the acting director, came up with the idea.

“At first the group didn’t like it, but afterwards they adjusted to it,” she said. “Prom is very important to seniors and apocalypse is a huge trend right now.” The acting group stated the play would be funny, but in a cliché way. The play will be about a prom being attacked by zombies.

Producing a massive show in such a short amount of time can cause a lot of problems. Ms. Marcia Kaufman, the teacher advisor, Shaian Sharman ’27, the commissioner, and Nuraim Monieva ’17, also the commissioner, keep members of SING on task during rehearsal. They also try to make practices run smoothly and solve problems.

Gabe Rabin ’17 said, “The lack of time has been a problem last year and looks like it might be again this year. There isn’t a lot of stage time for each component of SING.”

Saturday practice gives seniors more time to prepare for the show.

Junior SING mostly rehearses every Monday and Thursday during periods nine and ten. Mr. Lawrence Kolotkin, the teacher advisor, sits in the middle of the auditorium and supervises the students.                   This year, junior SING will feature time travel as their theme. The idea was developed in a group effort along with the script for the play.

Anastasia Lazaneva ’18, the commissioner, stated the play will cover issues that people from different backgrounds dealt with over the past decades. Problems such as homophobia, discrimination, and misogyny will be featured. She believes people from all ages and backgrounds will relate to the show.

Elsy Arguela ’18, who’s also the commissioner, said the dances will be diverse and wants junior SING to win this year.

Just like the seniors, the juniors are also having difficulty with timing.

“A girl will come in a period late because she had class and then I have to teach her the dance moves so she’ll catch up,” said Nikki Frankel ’18. Member of junior SING having different schedules slows down the process of moving forward with the show.

Saturday rehearsals allow members of SING to come together without having a club or a class affect their attendance.

SoFresh practices every Monday and Wednesday, from 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The theme for this year is don’t ever lose sight of what your goals are. Commissioner Katarzyna Wilk ’20 and Zhanna Olevskaya ’20 stated the theme was developed as a group.

The play will be about a young pizza delivery girl reaching for her goal. Unlike the seniors and juniors, SoFresh doesn’t see timing as a problem. However, sophomores have had a hard time teaching freshman what to do during practice during practice as they have no experience.

Olevskaya said it’s difficult for freshmen to understand the process of SING and how it works.

SING will be on February 3 and February 4.

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