New English Teachers Embrace Midwood

By Stella Ni ’18 

New teachers have joined our community in the English department to teach and inspire young men and women.

Ms. Jessica King is in her 13th year of teaching freshmen and sophomore classes. She has grown to love her job and her students.

Ms. King has taught in different schools around Brooklyn. She chose to teach here because of the good reputation our school holds.

“This is definitely the biggest school I’ve ever worked in,” said Ms. King.

Ms. King has a degree in education as well as English. She plans on fulfilling her dream of becoming a writer one day. However, Ms. King wants to focus on her students and providing them the best education she can give.

“I really like the student environment here,” said Ms. King. “There’s a balance between being an academic student and a friendly person.”

Another new teacher is Mrs. Causha Vann. She has taught for 15 years, mainly around the Brooklyn area. Mrs. Vann is really excited to be working with the kids in her classes and looks forward to great memories in the future.

The energy within the department is friendly and professional. Working with the students daily, Mrs. Vann feels excited every morning to head to work.

“If I could make a difference in one person’s life, it’s a job well done,” said Mrs. Vann.

Although teaching is worthwhile, Mrs. Vann needed an adjustment period before feeling confident in this overwhelming student population.

Ms. Grace Guarino is another new member of the English department. Going into her third year of teaching, Ms. Guarino teaches sophomores and juniors.

“Literature inspired me,” said Ms. Guarino. “In books, you could learn more about people.”

According to Ms. Guarino being a teacher is emotionally and physically draining. Her motivation every morning is the students waiting for her in the classroom.

Ms. Guarino said, “There’s an insane amount of paperwork, but the students make it worth it.”

Another new English teacher is Mr. Mark Dickinson. This is Mr. Dickinson’s second year of teaching, and he currently teaches tenth grade students. He had previously taught in Seattle while tutoring kids in public schools as volunteer work.

“I think every day is rewarding in ways that I don’t expect,” said Mr. Dickinson.

The teachers unanimously agree that there’s diversity in this school, and the population is larger than a majority of other high schools.

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