Journalism Students Travel to Broadway

By Maria Martchiuk ‘18, Amanda McBain ‘18

Argus journalists got a glimpse of Chicago news life at a showing of the Broadway play, The Front Page on January 4. The play was complete with slapstick humor and journalism comedy that had the students filled with laughter.

The show, which takes place in 1920s, Chicago, focused on the work of press reporters as they researched the criminal case of Earl Williams who was sentenced to be hanged for the murder of an officer. It taught students about the importance of journalism and how it was portrayed in the 1920s.

“I learned that during the 1920s, a lot of people were very racist and sexist. The play also presented a real life situation where the lead was outright needed,” said Tamia Covington ‘18.  “It can help me remember the true importance of a lead.”

Through lots of humor and a few stunts, the play was able to take an important subject and turn into an intriguing story with a surprising plot twist.

“My favorite part was when the fugitive jumped through the window because it added suspense and realism to the show,” said Salenna Weiner ‘18.

Alexis Baird ‘18 said, “ I liked all the action and the jokes that were included in the play. I also liked how they tried to point out they tried to point out the amount of sexist views men had back in the day. I also really liked how it felt and looked so realistic.”

Iryna Shkurhan ‘18 said, “ I thought that the acting was really amazing. All the actors were terrific and never failed to make the audience laugh.”

Many students had never attended a Broadway show and knew they couldn’t miss out on this once in a lifetime experience.

“I’ve never experienced a Broadway show and thought this was a great opportunity to learn information for this class,” said Abiha Naqvi ’18.

The Front Page left students with a different outlook on the work of journalists and showed them how much has changed in the world of journalism from then till now. Students were able to humorously see the difficulty and seriousness of the work and are able to now reflect that in their own work ethic.

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