GLAX Welcomes New Coach


By Brittany Mendoza ‘18

Girls Lacrosse coach is changing this spring with Coach Kendra Lane stepping up for Coach Michael Giordano as the varsity coach looking forward to a fun season.

“I’m definitely excited, but also nervous.  It’s a big deal.  This is a well-established and well-known program, and I want to make sure that it stays that way,” said Ms. Lane.

Former Coach Mr. Michael Giordano was coach for six years before he had to step down for family reasons.

“It was a hard decision. You never go into a position thinking that you are going to leave it. But as I always tell my girls family and education come first,” said Mr. Giordano.

Ms. Lane has prior experience with the girls team. In 2012 she became the first junior varsity coach in Midwood and has been coaching lacrosse ever since. She is also excited to coach some of her girls again from the JV level.

With overall excitement, the current team members have mixed reactions to the switch. Some believe that in the past team chemistry was a problem. However lately Ms. Lane believes even with the diversity of the team, they can put aside their outside differences and be a unified team on the field.

While the new JV coach has not been officially announced, new team members have varying opinions on the switch as well.

One year player Justeen Browne ‘19 said, “I was shocked to see things change but it will be a new experience to learn from someone else and what they have to help us progress as a team.

A challenged faced by the team this year was the closing of Midwood Field.

Mr. Giordano said it is hard to find the strengths and weaknesses of the team when there is no field space to test it on. However, he expects good stick work and aggressive defense from the returning players.

The teams also have other experiences to look for. Due to prior performances the varsity team’s league has changed from a Brooklyn team to Division 1. This will put the Midwood against the highest level PSAL teams this season.

Ms. Lane said, ”I knew that I don’t have the knowledge or skill set necessary to coach at the varsity level, however, I have support coming in the way of former players and people who have played at the college level who are going to be helping me out.”


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