Forensics Class Solves Monkey Mystery

By Usman Sultan ’18

The forensic classes are all working very hard to find out who committed a horrible crime. The school Tamarin monkey has been stolen, and it is up to them to find out who did it and bring the criminal to justice.

“We are trying to figure out which of the staff of the school has stolen the monkey. We are putting all the pieces together to find out who did it. We are using all the forensic skills we have learned,” said Tyra Billey ’18.

Currently, the investigation is still taking place. Students are currently analyzing blood samples and shoe prints alongside the pen that was used to write notes that were involved in the crime.

“The case is a big mystery. We have to put effort into solving the crime. At times the case does begin to get boring, but that doesn’t change the fact that I still want to solve the case,” said Amalie Bastidas’ 18.

On the other hand, Billey stated, “The case is actually interesting. I find it fun and want to find out who committed the crime”.

Though there are many mixed emotions about the case, there is no doubt that each individual is putting in effort to solve the crime. It may indeed be difficult, but it will be worth finding out who was the main culprit of the crime.

Umma Sultana’ 18 said, “We are almost to our conclusion. We almost know who committed the crime. Just a few more tests and interviews and we will probably have our ‘solution’ soon”.

They are very close to solving the case, since the project began about 3 weeks ago. Some may already be able to predict who actually committed the crime. As for these three students, they all basically had the same response to the answer.

“I believe it is Mr. Elert,” said Billey.

“It is definitely Mr Elert,” said Bastidas.

“I don’t really know the answer but I will have to say Mr. Elert,” said Sultana.

We will wait until the team gets an answer as to who stole the monkey. Until then, all we can do is wait!

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