Film Club Encourages Exploration

By Stephanie Vazquez ‘18
            Clubs are a great way to expand skills and meet people with similar interests and passions. A great club that focuses on both of these aspects is Film Club. This is a student-generated club created during the Fall of 2015 by Amanda McBain ’18, President and Henry Mei ‘18, Vice President.

“I mainly created this club for students who are in the medical science program that are unable to continue taking video production,” said McBain. “I also wanted to expose students to the world of filmmaking and encourage students to think outside the box.”

There is a wide variety of things to learn in this club that include: creating films, practice editing videos, creating animations, using cameras, and using photoshop. Overall, it’s a place that helps students gain a better understanding of the filmmaking process.

What makes this club different from other clubs is that aside from the usage of technology being explored, developing personal skills is encouraged.

Mei said, “This is a space where anyone with an interest in film produces their craft and learns to really step out of their comfort zone.”

This club allows a better opportunity for people to make friends while also allowing further development in cooperation and social skills participating in activities that are enjoyed.

Phillip HoSang ‘17, a member of the club, said, “I really enjoy being a part of this club because I get to learn more about the process of creating a film while being able to work with other people, some becoming people I can consider good friends of mine.”

This club takes place every Thursday during periods 10 and 11 in Room 483.

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