Boys Basketball Shoots for Playoffs

By Yury Baranov ’18         


The Midwood Varsity Basketball team is hoping to dunk their way through their competition as they are hoping to make their way through the league and onto the play offs. The goal to win everything, the competition is tough but the Hornets are working hard to get it done.

“Right now we are in a slump, but we hope to get out of it starting in our next game,” said Michael Richards ’17. “We need to execute our plays better and limit our turnovers.”

The Hornets will play their next game against Automotive High School, Friday the 13th, blowing them out with score of 85-48 when they played on January 11. Midwood is focusing on winning the remaining games in order to get the spot in the playoffs.

“We are preparing to make the playoffs and pushing each other everyday to get better,” said Jared Abrenica ’19. “Our goal is to get to the playoff and make some noise.”

Preparing to play their next game, the Hornets are one step closer to the championship. They go through intensive practices almost everyday, always trying to improve their skills.

The head coach, Mr. Victor Gjecaj, make sure everybody on the team knows every single play, as they go over every play countless times, even right before the games.

Mr. Gjecaj said, “ Our team works very hard, and I know that we will be in the mix of the teams going for the championship.”

“We just have to keep on playing at a consistent level and execute down the stretch. The goal is not only to win games, we want to win it all,” said Muhammad Hasnain ’17. “At the end of the day the goal is to win.”

Competition is always tough in any sport, basketball is no exception. The hornets are looking to pass their way through the competition but have been hitting some roadblocks along the way. With a record of 6-5, the Hornets are going for the championship, but not only are they trying to make the playoffs, but they are mainly focused on winning the championship.

“We working right now to make this run for the championship possible,” said Mark Kokhshteyn ’18. “We are taking it one step at a time.”

The Hornets played Grand Street on December 21 and won 64-58. The teams were going back and forth scoring almost every possession. Richards scored 42 points with eight assists and seven rebounds, it’s like nobody from Grand Street was able to stop him. Midwood was up eight at the end of the third quarter, but as the game was coming to an end Grand Street brought the lead down to 1 point. However with two minutes left in the game, Richards scored two possessions in a row giving Midwood a bigger lead and securing the win.

The team has played five other games since their encounter with Grand Street, winning only two of those games against Bushwick Campus on December 23rd and Automotive High School on January 11th. They are looking to bounce back into form when they face Harry Van Arsdale Educational Campus the 18th of January.


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