UNICEF Club Provides for Those in Need

By Evelyn Perez ‘18

In interest of full disclosure, Evelyn Perez ’18 is in UNICEF club.

Organizations such as UNICEF continue to support the less fortunate as poverty continues to increase worldwide.

The UNICEF club focuses on ways to help the less fortunate. Ms. Marly Jean-Baptiste, the club’s advisor, works along  with the club president, Savlatjon Rahmatulloev ’18, to complete the club’s mission of advocating, fundraising, and educating the public. Jennifer Duong ’18 is the vice president; Dan Hong Chen ’18 is the secretary; and Rafaella Bruzual ’18 is the treasurer. They too help to achieve the club’s mission.

The club’s main focus is to raise money to help children in need in other counties. A Christmas card sale that took place between December 12 and December 16.  Students had various options to choose from when buying a Christmas card. The money that was collected was donated to UNICEF.

At their meetings, everyone gets a saying and many ideas are taken into account.

“I like how everyone is getting along and are sharing ideas,” said Henna Ali ’18.

Sharing ideas is a good way to get different points of view. Communication is very essential in this club where the members all think of different ways to fundraise. Having good communication makes many members want to keep on sharing their ideas.

“It’s always good to help people, especially because this is for a greater cause,” said Bruzual. “You always hear about certain things around the world, but you don’t really know how to help them. I think this is a great way for Midwood to stand up and help the less fortunate.”

Ms. Jean Baptiste said, “Giving back makes you feel like it’s worth it. Life has a different meaning to you; it’s a good cause.”

The club started last year, but this semester has been a challenge; with many Fridays off, many meetings were missed.

“I want to collect more members,” said Rahmatulloev, “[To] make UNICEF more commonly known.”

With Key Club and Red Cross Club already in the school, it really makes it a challenge to get people to join UNICEF club. However, that doesn’t stop the club from continuing to run. It’s just another thing that inspires many of them to make UNICEF more widely known.

“I’m going to be there to support them,” said Ms. Jean-Baptiste, “To bring awareness to other students, to keep them mindful of what UNICEF does.”

In Ms. Jean-Baptiste’s French class, students read and learn what UNICEF is doing in many countries. This has inspired several students to do something for a good cause.

“I wish students would join the club and look for different ways to help [out],” said Ms. Jean-Baptiste. “I’m looking forward to great meetings and events.”

Rahmatulloev said that everyone is welcome. UNICEF club meets every Friday during period 9.

“I’ll be more than happy to welcome them into the club,” he added.


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