Trump’s Plan for Climate Change May Endanger Future Generations

By Lara Schuman ‘18

President-elect Donald Trump said he is going to alter our climate change policies. He wants to make less restrictive policies, not for the benefit of the people, but to benefit his own and other businesses.  

Global warming is a huge issue in the world today. It has caused melting glaciers, more droughts, rising sea levels, and extreme weather.  According to the National Ocean Service, the sea level has been rising 1.2 inches per decade, which is the highest rate it has been in hundreds of years.  With temperatures rapidly increasing, the water continues to expand, which causes the sea levels to rise.

Not only does global warming affect our climate, but it affects our living conditions.  For example, according to, China’s air quality is so poor it causes premature death, child asthma, and other health effects.  China’s poor air quality is due to its many carbon dioxide emitting coal-fueled plants. According to Chelsea Harvey in the Washington Post, India’s poor air quality is responsible for half a million premature deaths every year.   Recently, the air in Paris became so toxic they had to limit the number of cars on the road, according to National Public Radio on December 7.

Despite all of the scientific evidence of global warming and the accelerating pace of climate change, Donald Trump still believes that global warming is a “hoax.”

“It is very unfortunate that our President-Elect does not believe in the detrimental effects climate change has on Earth,” Katie Unite ‘18 said. “With all the progress we have made in an attempt to repair future damage, he is going to set us back by not continuing to carry them out.”

We are unsure of why Trump says climate change is a “big scam,” but he may be saying this in the interest of business. For example, scientists will argue that coal is bad for the environment, but when Trump calls global warming fake, he may appeal to out of work coal miners.  To these workers it may seem as if Trump is vouching for their jobs, but he is really only saying this for his own personal business gains.  

Donald Trump plans to break the Paris Climate Agreement.  The Paris Climate Agreement is held between 195 countries and says the countries will make an effort to cut back on pollution.  With the US, the second largest polluter in the world, breaking this agreement, it may influence other countries to do so as well, thus causing even more harm to the environment.  

“What this guy is talking about in terms of Climate Change should frighten not only the people in this country, but the people around the world,” Bernie Sanders said in a CBS interview.

Unite said, “The Paris Agreement wants to limit the carbon emission we have, which would be extremely beneficial as our ozone layer is diminishing.  We have to take climate change seriously and do as much as we can to save our planet.”  

Trump has also said he was going to cut climate change funds to the UN. According to “Donald Trump Could Put Climate Change on Course for ‘Danger Zone,’” by Coral Davenport in The New York Times, the UN would help give money from richer countries to aid poorer countries develop cleaner forms of energy.  Without the funds countries such as India, the world’s third largest polluter, will continue to add to global warming.  

Taking away our environmental regulations will cause the consequences of global warming to spiral out of control. As global warming gets progressively worse it will not only affect this generation, it will affect more generations to come. If there aren’t efforts to try to stop global warming it could risk the planet’s future.  

“Future generations will have to suffer with the problems we have caused by our careless actions,” Unite said.  For example, sea levels are rising and the weather is becoming more erratic.”  


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