Toy Drive Brings Holiday Spirit to Kids

By Hilary Vidals ‘18

There are people who believe that donating toys to kids in need is a waste of time. Others believe donating to kids in need can make a big difference in their lives. No matter the size of the toy all the kids want is to feel loved and supported.

The Hance Family Foundation is a foundation that helps children in need in memory of their three daughters Emma, Alyson, and Katie who passed away in a car accident on July 26, 2009 at the ages of 8, 7, and 5. The foundation is to help kids in need and fill them with hope and love. This allows kids to feel supported and loved during the holidays.

According to, “The Hance Family Foundation honors the lives of three beautiful sisters by ensuring healthy, happy, and safe children through innovative self-esteem educational programming and the support of children in need.”

Ms. Stephanie Gluck is one of the many people all around the world that help children in need. Ms. Gluck is in charge of the toy drive. She donates to the Hance Family Foundation which makes sure that kids have fun and happy holidays. Charity funds have been around for a long time, but Ms. Gluck started donating toys to the Hance Family Foundation after hurricane Sandy.

“We have started working with the toy drive after superstorm Sandy as a way to give back to children for the holidays,” she said.

Ms. Gluck wanted to lend a helping hand to those children who lost things after the hurricane that left many families with nothing.

“After Sandy we wanted the school community to give back to the children in need,” she said.

Most of the toys donated to the Hance Family Foundation go to different places in Long Island and parts of Queens. The foundation is looking to expand to give out toys in other places to help more children in need.

Since 2012, Ms. Gluck started to donate toys to the foundation it has been successful that the box found in the school lobby has been filled up multiple times.

Ms. Gluck said, “We have donated hundreds of toys to children in the past.”

The toy drive usually lasts about a few weeks between thanksgiving and runs into the month of december before christmas. The toys are usually picked up by the foundation a week before christmas break to sort the toys out.

“They contact me before thanksgiving to make sure I am still interested in the toy drive,” she said.

The toys donated to the foundation have to be unwrapped to make sure the toys donated are age appropriate. It makes it easier to sort out the toys once given to the Hance Family Foundation  it makes it easier when it’s time to give out the toys. The foundation usually asks for gender neutral toys to make it easier to hand them out.

Ms. Gluck said, “To make sure the toys are appropriate they sort them by age category and gender.”  

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