Spanish Classes Partake in a Cultural Project Through Film

By Nicole Gelfman’18 and Brittany Mendoza ‘18

Google Schools has become a new way to help organize teachers and students when it comes to assignments done in class and at home.

The free program allows students to use it from any device, collaborate with others, create presentations, save and type documents, create websites and much more. Teachers may also have access to create lessons, share them, and grade assignments posted by students.

This platform has become internationally popular within the last couple of years.

According to the Google Education Website, “More than 50 million students, teachers and administrators in almost every country in the world rely on G Suite to learn and work together. We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of all our users, including students.”

Christopher Yau’19 stated, “I would be more invested in my studies with this change because it would help me organize my ideas and assignments in a more efficient way. Additionally, my work would be more accessible and less likely to be lost.”

Google for Education also offers training for new educators who are interested in using the program. The self-paced and guided course is specifically designed for the real classroom use, making it more efficient for those who wish to use it.

This new way of learning and processing may also lead into the future of education, integrating technology and other futuristic ideals into the educator and student’s way of life.

Damali Ramirez’18 said, “I do think this is a start for new and advanced technology to integrate into the educational system. Technology is changing and it’s bound to change the educational system eventually.”

Although the future of this program is undecided, faculty and staff have already begun discussing the benefits and disadvantages, and how it would impact the school.

Mr. Joseph Peters is one of the few teachers who uses and greatly benefits from Google for Education.

“One of the best things about Google for Education is that it allows the classroom to be paperless. Homework, and theoretically, classwork, could all be done online. The platform allows for a great deal of collaboration between students on projects because of apps like Docs, Slides, and Hangouts,” said Mr.Peters.

Ms. Liz Bommarito, another teacher who uses the program said, “I definitely think being a Google school will make it easier for educators and students to connect on a basis never before seen because we all have simple emails that we don’t have to look up and can communicate and connect more easily.”

Ms. Bommarito is the one who created the emails for everyone to be able to use Google for Education.  According to Ms. Bommarito, it took about a month to create an account for everyone. With everyone who works in the building and the students there are now 4,359 emails on the Midwood domain. As an admin, Ms. Bommarito only has access to the name and email of whoever logs into their accounts. No admin can see what is being done by you keeping it secure

         To get Google Classrooms you must first activate the school email. This email is your first and last name, the last two digits of your osis number and the first number of your official class. The domain is at The placeholder password is hornets1.

Despite the still developing integration of the program, students and teachers tend to respond well to these technological changes and new way of learning and teaching.  

This program may advance Midwood’s application of technology into the curriculum, changing the way in which students are taught. Google for Education has the potential to change Midwood, as it already has to millions worldwide considering the efficiency it offers to users.


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