Soccer Injury Leaves Student Sidelined

By Ashlee Basant ’18

Imagine not being able to do the one thing you love most.  Well, that is exactly how Lara Schuman `18, a soccer player, feels. Schuman was injured two months ago during one of her games. Driven by her passion for soccer, she has remained strong through this hard time.

Schuman said she has been a part of the girls soccer team for three years, however, she has been playing outside of school for 10 years.  Since she has devoted more than half of her life to soccer, she has grown up to be enthusiastic about it.

“I am definitely really passionate about soccer, but I don’t know if I would want to pursue it as a career. However, I do want to continue it into college,” she said. None of her feelings about this sport changed even though her life did two months ago.

Schuman said her normal position is midfield, and while playing for an outside league, her coach put her in as defense.

“One of the players on the other team, who had been fouling other players the entire game started moving down the field, so I tried to take the ball away from her. Right as I was about to kick the ball, she pushed me down and I hit my knee,” she said.

Schuman described the pain as something she never felt before. She dreaded hearing from the doctor later that week.

“I tore my ACL, which requires surgery in order to play again. I also tore my meniscus which is less severe,” she said.

After hearing this terrible news from the doctor, she said, “I was heartbroken, this is an injury that I never wanted and I never expected to get.”

Biondina Voca `18 who plays as a forward said, “I was upset for her because I know that with an injury like hers, recovery time is six or more months. For a person like her whose life is playing soccer, from going to playing every day to having to deal with this injury is really upsetting.”

Ms. Kendra Lane, the girls’ soccer coach said, “Anytime you lose any player, there’s a change in team dynamic and especially losing the best player on the team. We’re lucky to have a talented team, we continued to do well but you can definitely feel the difference.”

Voca added that Schuman’s absence from the team did impact them, and she felt as if they had lost their momentum. However, the team came together to strive for the best and to maintain their winning streak.

Schuman did have surgery to heal her torn ACL and she said that it is very hard for her to perform her daily activities as well as even getting around her house. However, she did say that it is getting easier for her day by day. The most frustrating part for her is knowing that she won’t be able to play sports for months.


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