Peer Tutoring Room Offers Help to Hornets

By Yusha Rahique ’18

Learning from teachers in class may not be enough, and that’s where the peer-tutoring center comes into play. Many students may receive the one-on-one help they require.

For years, this school has provided the peer-tutoring center in an attempt to help students. It is open to all students during their free period to get help. Ms. Teresa Fernandez, who is the head of the Foreign Language department, runs it. Countless different teachers participate.

“The peer tutoring room gives a place for students to help each other and build a community in the school. All the students are very nice when they’re in there to do work,” said Ms. Fernandez.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

“I see the peer tutoring center as a beneficial component of our school where kids can come together and help each other,” said Ms. Jessica Villafane.

Ms. Villafane teaches Spanish and is one of the teachers who tutors kids in the peer tutoring center. She can usually be found there during period 10.

“It is very hands on and organic and I believe a lot of other schools should implement this type of system,” she added.

Many students believe the peer tutoring center is beneficial since the environment helps them get work done faster.

“The peer tutoring center has been of great help for me,” said Shawal Malik ‘18. “It has allowed me to gain help from my fellow classmates and friends on my classes.”

Many have credited the center as being of great help to them in their foreign language classes, due to many of the tutors including Mrs. Fernandez herself, teach a foreign language class.

“I advise students to take a visit to the peer tutoring center if they are in need of any help in Spanish or French or in any of their foreign language classes,” stated Angelo Amato Jr. ‘18 who currently is taking an AP Spanish class.

The peer tutoring center also contains students who monitor and act as tutors themselves.

“It’s a challenge to find good tutors and consistent monitors for the peer tutoring room,” said Ms. Fernandez.

“Freshman year I came into peer tutoring and saw all that they had to offer to students,” stated Dina Khedr ’17. “Now three years later, as a senior, I am proud to see that I am one of those contributing in helping all of these students now.”

That is just one of few tutors who monitor for the Peer Tutoring Center and each and every one of them have labeled their experience there as simply uplifting.

The peer tutoring center is in room 401. It is always open to students, but seats are limited and they must show their ID when they enter in order to ensure that the students are coming during their free period. It is also advised to students to not use it as a place to hang out with their friends but rather use their time there wisely and gain the help they need for their schoolwork.


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