Myths Multiply for Common Cold Cures

By Emily Jiang ‘18

Getting sick is an awful experience. On the internet there are certain myths and remedies about the common cold.

Many parents force their children to wear several layers of clothes as a way to avoid the common cold. It is also said that sleeping with wet hair makes you sick. It is a common misconception that people get sick because of the cold weather. People get sick by viruses, which enter their body “when they don’t eat or rest properly,” said Carline Gilmelin, the school nurse.

Another myth to prevent colds is to wear garlic. Viruses are everywhere; you can’t expect them to avoid you just because you’re wearing garlic. Instead, you should consume garlic, due to its health benefits.

On, Dr. Mercola wrote, “This is likely due to its immune boosting effects. Fresh garlic is also a potent antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal agent.”

Lastly, Vitamin C and antibiotics are said to prevent or treat colds but they only reduce the pain from the symptoms.

On, Kris Gunnars wrote, “If you take Vitamin C, you get just as many colds as you did before, but they may be slightly less severe and last for a slightly shorter time period.”

Antibiotics are used so often as a common cold medicine that they can lead to the destruction of good bacteria and your body might develop antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Therefore, antibiotic medicine might not work against the viruses invading your body.

When you are sick, it means the “cells defending you from getting bacteria are weak or they have to work harder,” said Gilmelin.

Normally, when people are sick, they will feel awful due to the symptoms of the common cold like headaches, coughing, and sore throat. However, you can reduce the pain of these symptoms by drinking lots of warm or room temperature liquids like water, juice or soups. It is best to rest more so your body could fight against viruses. Gilmelin said sick people should take medication and sleep for at least eight hours of sleep.

Additionally, to soothe and heal your sore throat, you should gargle some salt water and use cold medications to minimize your cold symptoms.

Natural home remedies also help make you feel better.  Tea, lemon, and honey, which make your throat, feel better according to Guillemin.

According to Ms. Bonaney, the school nurse, cayenne pepper and ginger helps and you can eat the ginger raw.

Some good broths and/or soups to consume are chicken soup, which helps warm you up and “Speed up the movement of mucus through the nose. This relieves congestion and limits the number of time viruses are in contact with the lining of your nose,” WROTE Mayo Clinic. Oxtail stew also helps with the beneficial effects of garlic and onion, according to Adriana Velez on the Stir.

The usage of these tips and remedies can lead to fewer symptoms affecting your daily life, and a faster recovery.


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