Jewish Student Union Teaches Members Morals

By Daniel Pavlov ’18

The Jewish Student Union teaches numerous moral principles that can help students in their communities. In addition, the club goes in depth, educating students about the vast history of Judaism. The club’s main purpose is to connect the principles of the religion to the virtues student practice in their lives.

Every Monday, club members meet and consider these connections. The club undergoes thoughtful and interactive discussions about famous Jewish folk tales or even a student sharing their experiences during the weekend.

“ The environment is comfortable, welcoming, and provides hand on discussions of Jewish history,” said Jacob Kapustin ’18. These meetings are meant to guide students to practice particular virtues.

Milena Gyulbudaghyan ’18 said, “ The discussions feel genuine and really do help with decisions I make in my life.”

Gratitude, courage, and honesty are only a few moral principles evaluated every Monday. As an added bonus, members are treated with bagels and danishes to sweeten up their day.

Nechama has been in charge of the club for over 20 years. Her role as the club instructor is not only to educate, but guide students to paths of success in any situation.

“We teach this as a jew or a non jew,” said Nechama. “Teaching opportunity and leadership is a goal of the club. We want to enhance understanding of qualities needed to be a better person.” One of the main reasons for her taking this role, is she believes that anyone can pursue a career or a belief.

  “This connects to the idea that it is never too late to start,” Nechama said. This applies to every religion and life in general. Anyone can learn about Judaism and find a passion in following the belief.

Plans to invite guest speakers, and attending trips are a few goals that this union is planning to achieve. As a club who is surrounded by many other ideas and concepts, standing out in the community may be in need of interactions. Speeches from Israeli soldiers, or trips to monuments and museums are being planned and will soon be a reality for the students of Midwood High School.

The Jewish Student Union meets on Mondays in room 245, periods 3, and 4. Any religion is welcomed and will be accepted to an interactive and virtuous family.       


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