It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year.. Ice Skating Opportunities Abound

By Danielle Miranova ‘18 and Ashley Masih ‘18

As winter and the holidays are upon us, many people want to do winter themed activities such as ice skating.

There are many different ice skating attractions in New York. Popular ice skating rinks such as Rockefeller Center, Bryant Park, LeFrak Center and Aviator are packed during the winter season.

        Yan Liu ‘18 said, “ice skating is a must do activity in the winter because it’s a joyous season to have some fun in the cold with friends and families.”

 Victoria Haimov ‘18 said “not really because not everyone knows how to ice skate and there’s are tons of other activities to do in the winter”.

    Ice skating isn’t as easy as it looks.

“I don’t know how to ice skate, but I would like to learn, it would be a new experience to me and sounds fun,” said Henna Ali ‘18.

  Celine Lam ‘18 said “Ice skating is a traditional hang out in the winter time.”  

Lots of students leaned towards the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park as their favorite spot to skate. According to, there is free admission to the Winter Village, meanwhile you can also rent out the skates they provide.

Rockefeller center opened this October celebrating their 80th anniversary season. Ice skating rinks in the city such as Rockefeller center become very crowded and expensive in the winter. For instance, the prices are: Adults $7.50, kids (12 and under) $4, and skate rentals $6.50. However, at Bryant Park, the prices are raised. Admission is free so there is always a very big crowd over there. The skate rentals are $20 per hour so if you compare that to Rockefeller Center, it comes out to more money being spent.

“Don’t get me wrong, Rockefeller center is a very nice place, but it’s extremely far, very crowded and expensive” said Haimov ‘18.

Two popular ice skating spots here in Brooklyn are Lefrak and Aviator. The Lefrak Center is located in Prospect Park, where, according to, admissions are $6 on the weekdays and $9 on the weekends/holidays, with skate rentals being $6. The Lefrak center at Lakeside has two ice rinks, outdoor and indoor, which is a great feature many ice skating places don’t have. They also have the Bluestone Cafe where skaters can relax and eat.

Katie Nikishina ‘18 said, “I love to ice skate at Lefrak center because it’s easy to get to with the Q train nearby.”

Many students don’t like to go to Aviator as often due to lack of transportation.

Kevin Mei ‘18 said, “It’s a hassle to go to Aviator often without a car, I prefer Lefrak Center at Lakeside because I can easily take the train.”

As says, nonmember admission prices are $11 for adults and $9 for children while member prices are $10 and $8.10 for children. The skate rentals are five dollars.

Overall, these four ice skating rinks are options to consider when choosing where to ice skate next this holiday season!

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