Humanities Program Attracts Art Enthusiasts

By Kortni Chung ‘18

Of the three institutes at the home of the Hornets, the Humanities program is one that sparks the interest of students who have a love for English, art, history, foreign language, and music.

“Our humanities program differs from the med sci program in that they are each centered around two different areas,” said Ms. Filomena Daniels, one of the guidance counselors. “Students take more English electives and can also take two languages simultaneously, whether it’s French and Latin, or Spanish and Latin.”

The requirements of graduating as a Humanities student can be found in the school planner. While the Medical Science Institute requires five years of science, and four years of math, the Humanities program only requires three for each. However, you must also complete additional history and English electives, as well as three years of a foreign language.

In the last couple of years, the requirements were revised so that students would be able to remain in Humanities, but opt out of taking Latin if they pursue a music or art class for all four years.

“Now that they have a choice, it makes the program more desirable,” said Ms. Daniels.

The art aspect of the Humanities institute is divided into two categories, visual arts and music. Music is offered to those who have previous experience with vocal or instrumental music or would like to get into it. Visual arts appeal to students who are generally interested in drawing, drama, film work, media, or art history.

Alejandra Cruz ’18 said, “I really like art and literature, so being in the Humanities program keeps me connected to my favorite subjects.”



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