Girl’s Track Team Unites to Improve Their Skills

By Abeer Naeem ’17 & Maya Engstrom ’18

Emotions are running high as the Girls Cross-Country team finishes their season and welcomes the long awaited Indoor Track season. This time is one in which sprinters rejoice and look forward to being able to dash across the finish line, while long distance runners aim to run faster than usual.

With indoor season comes a variety of events that satisfy jumpers, throwers, sprinters, and distance runners, whereas cross-country mainly involves running long distances. However, even though distance runners do not always thrive during this season, some individuals are hopeful to set personal bests.

Senior, Isabel Leonard-Rose ’17 is excited to finish her last year at Midwood with her personal best times in all types of events.

“I’m excited to work hard during my last year here and spend time with the girls to improve,” said Leonard-Rose.

Leonard-Rose thinks that unity and teamwork is crucial for success as the Girl’s Track team holds a large number of individuals. In order for the team to do well, individuals must account for their own progress, as well as the teams.

Some athletes plan on doing more cross training while some hope to push themselves harder during every practice. Olivia Foote ’17 aims to increase both her strength and endurance as time progresses.

Foote said, “I have been doing strengthening exercises for my core, legs, and arms at the end of every practice and can’t wait to see the results in my times.”

Not all of the members of the team are focusing on endurance as most sprinters stress cutting down their times by even just tenths of seconds. This is possible with rigorous practices and constant diligence.

Christi Thomas ’18, a sprinter, is hopeful for better times this year as she has been putting in her full effort in practices.

“I hope to improve my 400 and 200 meter times,” states Thomas. “Even though this season is the longest, it’s definitely the most fun and there’s always something you can improve on.”

Although the fresh air and scenery during cross country was enjoyable, Thomas believes it didn’t help her apply herself for the coming season. Therefore, she must work even harder to better her times and running form.

Many girls are following this same mindset and are hoping to see improvement.

With so many wins in the past, the girl’s track team hopes to continue their legacy by keeping their mentalities strong.

The Lady Hornets are excited to see the outcome of their effort and hope to enjoy another great season.

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