Electives Spark Interest Among Hornets

By Jonathan Krimgold ‘18, Ari Gonzalez ‘18

With a new semester approaching, students are urged to choose new electives based on their interests for the start of the spring term of 2017.

Students can choose among a variety of science, social studies, English and art electives.

Some science electives students can take include forensics, robotics, mechatronics, AutoCAD, medical issues, psychobiology, and anatomy.

Ms. Alyse Anderson teaches the elective forensics and said, “The goal of this class is to expose students to different forensics techniques. Students become mini forensic scientists as they learn skills such as analyzing fingerprinting, learning about passive and active blood splatter, and more. If a student likes hands on activities, and challenging their problem solving skills this class is for them.”

Anderson also teaches another elective called robotics.
“The goal of robotics is to teach students how to create and program autonomous robots. This elective is very fun for students with an interest in the engineering field,” said Ms. Anderson.

Ms. Lisa Ali teaches the electives robotics and mechatronics.

Ali said, “The goal of robotics is to expose students to programming and building robots. However, the goal of mechatronics, which is an elective one can take after taking robotics if their robotics teacher recommended them, is to explore different fields of engineering such as computer science, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.”

Jordan Brammer ‘18 said, “Only take this class if you have an interest in engineering and programming robots. If you aren’t interested in building and programming, this class will be really hard for you.”

After taking robotics and mechatronics, students can take the elective AutoCAD. Mr. Cameron Jahn teaches this elective.

Jahn said, “This elective is very fun and teaches students very valuable technical, critical thinking, problem solving and collaborative skills. AutoCAD is an elective where students learn through robotics competition.”

Jared Ramos ‘18 is taking AutoCAD this semester. He said he chose this elective because he has a passion for hands on activities.

Bilal Khan ‘18 took the elective medical issues sophomore year. He described the class as very informative and fun.

He also said, “You learn a lot in this class about medical ethics and diseases. Plus the teacher, Mr. Nelson opens up your eyes and makes you think more about the choices you make in life. ”

Patrice Noel ‘18 said, “Psychobiology focuses on the brain and how it functions and works and how emotional and mental problems can have an effect on the person. This is a very interesting and informative topic that many students would be interested in”

Alexis Buckner ‘18 said, “I took the elective anatomy because I thought it would be really fun to learn all about the human body. I was right, the class is very informative about physiology, bones and bodily functions.”

Some English electives students can take include art and literature, true crimes, research, and scientific and nonfiction writing.

Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek teaches the elective art and literature.

Ms. Kaczmarek said, “The goal is to make students more aware of art and its history and be able to make connections to literature because books are sometimes inspired by visual art. In addition to learning about the history behind art, students learn important college readiness skills such as MLA format. Plus I am very enthusiastic about art and I love helping students understand different connections art and literature contain.”

Ainon Hia Kazol ‘18 said: “ I chose art and literature because I haven’t had an art class since elementary school. With Ms. Kaczmarek, we go in depth of identifying art and how we can tell which time period it came from. I recommend the class if you like going on trips to museums.”

Some social studies electives students can take are community service, intro to law, civil law, sports history, and historiography.

Mr. Eugene Resnick teaches the elective community service. He said, “This elective gives students the opportunity to give back to the community. Students are allowed to choose the place they want to volunteer in. That place can be a hospital, museum, aquarium senior center, the possibilities are endless. Not only do students gain high school credit, but also volunteer hours,” Resnick stated, “Community service is a nice experience for kids who thrive in a not classroom setting.”

Scott Le ‘18 said: “I chose intro to law because I felt as if it would be a great experience and a more effective way to learn about the Supreme Court and laws that are passed in the U.S. To be honest this class exceeded my expectations. It is amazing to learn so much about one topic especially with a teacher like Mr. Rothstein. I would recommend this class to a friend because it’s such a great experience. Just sitting in a room that is a replication of the Supreme Court makes you motivated and inspired to learn.”

Mr. Matthew Bonavita teaches the elective historiography.

“The goal of historiography is to broaden our students knowledge beyond their regular American history class. It is important to deeply appreciate how people can interpret history differently depending on the location and or time they learned it.  This class is challenging because it makes students think outside the box, but since it is an elective it has less work than a regular class,” said Bonavita.

Some art electives include video production, graphic design, drawing, band, and chorus.

Ms. Elizabeth Bouiss teaches video production and graphic design.

Bouiss stated, “The goal of video production is for students to learn how to use media to express themselves. This elective prepares students to think critically about media and helps students form their own creative voice.”

“I believe photoshop is a very fun class that allows students to create their own art using photoshop and their creativity. The skills they learn in this class can help them no matter what job they pursue in the future, because photoshop can help create presentations, displays, and shows one’s creative thoughts on a computer screen. Photoshop is relevant to our expanding culture,” Bouiss said.

Frank Troiso ‘18 said, “I didn’t want a regular art class where you draw in a sketchbook. I wanted to try something new. That’s why I decided to take the elective graphic design. I already feel more creative because of the class. I definitely recommend because students often complain their classes won’t help them in life, however not only is this class fun, but it can help you be apart of the fast growing graphic design industry.”

Dilaris Sharipov ‘18 said, “The purpose of the elective drawing is to help students discover their creativity and to be able to project that creativity onto paper in order to show the world. I would recommend it because it helps you develop art skills and you’re surrounded in a comforting and supportive class that helps one another.”

Ahmad Nawaz ‘18 said, “The elective drawing is really easy and as long as you are willing to do twenty minutes of work out of a period; you will get a high grade.”

Kyle St. Bernard ‘18 is also taking the elective drawing. He said he recommends the class to anyone who likes to draw because the class is helping him improve his drawing and art skills.

Bellody Chan ‘19 said, “Students shouldn’t take band as an elective if they are seriously trying to learn an instrument. To be able to meet every student’s needs within 45 minutes is hard. For a beginner that’s already struggling with fingerings and strong and clear tone; not enough attention from the teacher would only add on to the difficulties.”

There are many different electives available for students to take for the upcoming second semester.


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