Drama Students Go On Wicked Adventure

By Sumaya Ahmed ‘18 and Zumen Javed ’18

Face painting, professional acting, and flashy costumes thrilled the drama students who attended the broadway show Wicked: The Musical for a class trip on November 16 sponsored by the Theater Development Fund.

Drama teacher Ms. Liz Bommarito said, “I was hoping my students would learn theater etiquette and that they would learn that plays are meant to be seen and not read.  Reading a play does not give students the full experience as sitting in a theater does.”

Wicked tells the story of Glinda, the sweet witch, and Elphaba, the wicked witch from The Wizard of Oz. Despite their differences, the two become companions to see the great Wizard of Oz. The Wizard explains how he desires to separate the talking animals from the citizens and Elphaba protests, making her “evil” while Glinda politely agrees, making her “good”.

Darcy Montana ‘18 explained that she was motivated by the experience of the broadway acting of the performance.

“I learned that the audience is what makes or breaks a performance,” she said. “There were a lot of students at the theater and we were all super excited about the show so all of our reactions were very exaggerated which made it fun for both the audience and the actors.”

Although the students attended to focus on the acting, they were also fond of the moral lessons.

“I learned to not judge a book by it’s cover because even the worst villains have their own backstory that they went through,” said Nicole Ibrahim ‘17.

  The teachers and students had to face rush hour times in the train station in order to get to and from the play. Ms. Bommarito explained she and the students went on  a train ride which was tedious and lengthy.

Regardless, Ms. Bommarito made clear that her passion for taking students on trips started at the beginning of her career, where everyone enjoyed a trip to see Peter Pan.

“I love taking my students on trips,” she said. “I enjoy seeing their reactions to new experiences and I love to show them things they have never seen.  I especially enjoy going to see shows.  Students love live theater.”

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