Buzzing Hornet Businesses

By Dylan Ramkissoon ‘18 and Ifaz Abdul ‘18

One New Ending (O.N.E.) is an up-and-coming brand started by Milo Jiang ‘18, which is gaining immense popularity among the students at Midwood High School.

“I started my brand when I was a sophomore, mainly because I’ve always loved fashion, not as a sense of accessory, but as a lifestyle” he said.

One of his biggest motivations, the discouragement received when first starting his brand.

“When I first started, no one purchased my product or believed that something mediocre, like a clothing brand, would become successful” he said. “But now I have hundreds of over sea orders from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, New England, and all over the United States purchasing my product”.

His parents, however, don’t support his artistic point of view.

“My parents are not as supportive to my brand as they feel it affects my schoolwork, but that just makes me more motivated to see it succeed” he said.

Charging around $20 for a t-shirt and $40 for a hoodie, Jiang feels that his prices are fair.

“I believe my prices are very fair as I keep my prices low for my consumers” he said, “People don’t understand when a small business is created, you can’t compare their prices to a bigger industry because the small one doesn’t have the same resources. If everyone just wanted cheap prices, all the small businesses would be bankrupt”.

Positive feedback from students shows that One New Ending has many happy consumers.

“I love the brand” Simon Weng ‘17 said, “I purchased a t-shirt and a hoodie and I absolutely love the design. I’m interested to see what else O.N.E. has in store for us”.

Jiang requested his exact sales not to be disclosed his current profits range more than 15 grand, but emphasized that his projected sales are expected to triple by the end of next year and also explained that in the future, his brand isn’t his main focus.

“I plan on maintaining this business for as long as I can, although I’m not going to make this my full-time job” he said, “I want to go into the industry of stocks and real estate”.

The future aside, Jiang takes great pride in his brand and works diligently everyday designing, creating, and shipping his product.

“I’m really proud of what I’ve accomplished and I feel that the brand has made a name for itself” he said, “You can see me in the school library printing out shipping labels for over sea shipments and across the country”.

Jiang confirmed that the brand was just getting started, and that what we’ve seen so far, is only a small preview of what’s to come.

“I think we can be up to something big here and I can’t wait to see what’s to unfold in the future of One New Ending” he said.  

For more information and purchasing details, visit his website at


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