Buzzing Hornet Business

By Ali Jahmi ’18

Entrepreneur Michael Barone ’18 has established a successful clothing company called 4in due to him needing the money to buy his first car. 4in was established in March of 2016, while Barone was still in his sophomore year.

 Ever since Barone was young, he was fascinated by cars. He would hop on to his father’s car, sit in the driver seat and pretend to drive. Now, he’s a sixteen year-old kid with a permit and the dream of owning and operating a car. He went to his father and told him about his dreams. His father responded to him by telling him that he would need to work for it. So, Barone looked for jobs and didn’t find anything that interested him.

It’s difficult for people to start a business while they are working hard at something else. Yet, Michael was able to achieve this and still go to school with grades that he was proud of.

“I needed down payments and support to start my company. Mostly support, as I had the money needed to start. When I say support, I mean support from my family and friends who can give me feedback on my products,” said Barone.

After he sold his hats to his friends, the number of people noticing his brand increases. It’s like his products were being advertised since many people jumped on the trend and started to buy his hats. Barone described the rate of people noticing his brand spread like wildfire. Usually, brand new companies have bumps on the road while they are trying to set up their brand; not that many people will buy their product. Barone compared 4in’s ride to a luxury car that ran out of gas after a while.

“I didn’t face any problems in the beginning, in fact, everything was going smoothly. I even ran out of hats to sell at one point,” said Barone.

Currently, he faces one problem which is supplying people as fast as they want it. The demand for 4in products is high, and at this rate, he believes he won’t be able to send them out in time.  But, he plans on removing this problem by adding more people to his staff.

One thing that his company has taught him was that he could accomplish anything if he worked hard for it.

As of now, 4in is producing baseball hats known as ‘JAP CAPS’ that can be purchased by contacting Michael on Instagram at 4innyc and on Facebook at 4in or through his website at

    As for the future, Michael states, “I can’t tell you about the future, but just know that fans won’t be disappointed.”

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