Bookstore Offers Snacks and Supplies

By Jawaria Tahir ’18

Students rush to the school bookstore, in room 153, whenever they have time; hence it’s a busy place.

“I have monitors helping me every period because of how busy we are here at the store,” said Ms. Phyllis DelRosso.

The monitors at the store dedicate their lunch and free periods to help Ms. DelRosso. They restock and keep the shelves organized, get orders from customers, and maintain a clean workspace. The monitors keep the store running smoothly.

Dunia Alkhtry’20, a monitor, said, “Ms. DelRosso is really sweet and nice so I love helping her; I love monitoring because as a freshman, I get to meet and befriend new people.”

Ms. DelRosso, who runs the school store, has been a part of the Hornet family for 17 years. She has to order items, unbox them, restock shelves, keep a tab of the profits, and keep the store clean. Along with that, she also collects attendance folders from classes.

“I’m here because of my love of working with students,” said Ms. DelRosso.

The store sells a variety of things varying from snacks to novels to protractors. Students can purchase Shakespearean plays, Barron’s regents’ books, Highmark’s books, protractors, and master locks at the store. In terms of snacks, the store offers a variety of chips, Pop tarts, cookies, water and healthier alternatives like granola bars, reduced sugar fruit snacks and Veggie Straws.

“We order from a company called ‘ANSWER’ because we can only order from companies that are certified by the Department of Education (DOE),” said Student Government Organization (SGO) Treasurer Ms. Marilyn Ferarrin. “The DOE also decides what can and can’t be sold at the school store.”

The profits made by the school store go back to the students. The money goes to an SGO bank account. From there, the money is used to fund transportation, gym clothing, graduation awards and many other things that benefit the students.

Girls and Boys teams, Council for Unity, SING, and various clubs like Debate and Drama Club receive the money.

The store has a welcoming aura with Ms. DelRosso and the monitors greeting customers.  There are little figurines on the shelves and pictures hanging around the room. The school store is also decorated for holidays. There is a lit up Christmas tree and garlands around the room for Christmas.

The store is mostly open from period three till period nine, though it’s closed in-between periods and when Ms. DelRosso has to pick up attendance during  fifth period.

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