Attendance Coordinators Keep School Intact

By Amanda McBain ’18

Everyday attendance is taken and collected, but the process doesn’t end there. The attendance is then sent down to a busy work center, called the Attendance Office, room 119.

Take a trip to this room and you’ll find ringing phones and question-filled students, but at the center of all this chaos are two women who keep the school intact, Ms. Elda Pisano and Ms. Liliana Logozzo.

“We work very hard together to get the attendance as accurate possible and we rely on everyone’s help to get things done,” said Ms. Pisano

The Attendance Office holds many responsibilities, such as making sure proper attendance of every student is taken, monitoring students with multiple absences, and helping students with attendance issues. These tasks provide the school with stability and organization.

“Every morning we have 227 pages of attendance rosters that have to be put into the folders and the mailboxes,”said Ms. Pisano.

Ms. Pisano commonly works with the students who are excessively absent and tries to get them back in school through various attempts that go as far as contacting post offices for a student’s address. Ms. Logozzo, who credits everything she’s learned to Ms. Pisano, frequently collects the folders and scans them and enters the late sheets, suspensions, trips, and doctor visits into the computer via designated codes.

“We are always overwhelmed with the large amount of work we have and being at the front desk is very distracting,” said Ms. Logozzo.

The work of Ms. Pisano and Ms. Logozzo could easily be hindered when they don’t receive a teacher’s daily attendance.

“We have to call the Assistant Principals, track them down and finish taking the attendance for the late and present kids before we leave for the day,” said Ms. Logozzo.

Despite a population of almost 4,000 students they still feel a sense of responsibility for each and every student, even  for those who don’t show ever up to class.

“The greatest struggle that comes with this job is not getting the student back in class and seeing them drop out of school in the end,” said Ms. Pisano.

To assist in their multitude of work the attendance office has at least two to three monitors each period who work during their lunch break.

“The work we do in the office is relatively mild, I run some errands like collecting attendance or delivering papers, getting students to the office and sorting and organizing papers. We also put the school’s daily attendance in the mailboxes and organize it in alphabetical order,” said Sherell Farmer ’18.

According to Ms. Pisano and Ms. Logozzo, the attendance office holds a great importance for the school in terms of security and educating the students.

“If the students are not here, they’re not learning and they need an education. It is also important for their parents to know that their kids are where they’re supposed to be,” said Ms. Pisano.

After at least 11 and 18 years in the office, Ms. Logozzo and Ms. Pisano want parents and students to know that despite their endless responsibilities, they always work efficiently as a team to accomplish their goals.


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