Step Team Preparing to Stomp the Yard

By Liana Hasan ’18

Step Team meets up in the cafeteria to practice new steps they are learning or to work on current steps.

The Step Team is a group of people who learn a form of percussive dance, which is done through clapping, footsteps, and words. There are many people in Midwood who attend Step Team regularly in the cafeteria various times a week. This is so that they are always prepared for any future performances they will have. In this case, Kwanzaa fest is coming up and Step Team is currently working long and hard to prepare for it.

Step Team is really important to its members.

Daina Jean ’19, a student, who is on the Step Team said, “Step Team has impacted me because I have gained a lot of new friends, and I’m also doing something really fun in the process.”

Step Team really brings its members together through teamwork. Teamwork is a key element in Step Team because all the step dances need to be in sync with everyone.

Another member of the Step Team, Guinevere Seaver ’18 said, “It’s a really great feeling, because when I’m at home and I’m pumped up I just start stepping in happiness.”

Step Team really gives people the chance to do something they love. Step dance is a really great way to express oneself, and spreads positivity throughout.

After being a part of the Step Team, the feeling of being there and creating a beautiful beat never leaves a person.

Jocelyn Rivera ’18, who was formerly on the Step Team said, “The beats that are made are really cool. But it’s the attitude and the overall spirit of it that makes the Step Team really special. The Step Team puts a very important emphasis on attitude and loudness, so that the audience is always engaged and excited. It’s a very exciting experience for a person doing the step, as well as for a person watching the step happen in front of them.

If anyone is interested in Step Team, just go see Ms. Marie Volcy and attend tryouts. If you like to dance or make beats, then take a chance and join. It could become something you are very into.

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