Natural Hair Club Encourages Free Expression

By Edvina Robinson ‘18

You will learn how to take better care of your natural hair by attending the Natural Hair Club every Monday and Wednesday in room 451.

The members of the natural hair club learn about hair porosity level, hair texture, hairstyles, and hair products that may suit their natural hair best. They also learn about new methods to strengthen and better protect their hair.

Saadiyah Dhanraj ‘18 said, “Sometimes, certain methods or products don’t work out the way we want them too and someone may know what could work”.

Not only do they get natural hair advice from their peers, but they also learn new information by watching videos about the history of hair and where certain hairstyles originated from.

“Learning about the history of hair is so interesting. They did extravagant hairstyles in Africa,” said Brianna Smith ‘18.

Club member Dhanraj says the best thing about the club is learning about what hair products there is because she feels like she will see a positive difference in hair once she experiments with these natural hair products. 

The club was started last year, and now Briana Clinton ‘17 has taken over as club leader.

“I didn’t want the club to end,” said Clinton. “I am very educated about hair and I love to learn new things as well!”

The club is open to anyone who would love to join and learn more about their natural hair.

“I would love to see more members who could represent natural hair club and what we stand for,” said Smith.

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