Low Cost Leisure Winter Activities Abound

By Alexis Carpio ’18

Winter Break is around the corner and many of us don’t know what to do and do not have money to participate in expensive activities. However, there are many low cost things to do here in New York City.

First thing on the list is Rockefeller Center. The holidays are coming up and this would be an amazing place to enjoy with the family and friends to see the tree and take some selfies. Below the tree, you can ice skate and even check out the stores such as LEGO, Longchamp, J. Crew, and many other stores.

Ali Jahmi ’18 said, “Rockefeller center is a fun place to visit in the cold weather. They have an ice skating rink that can provide fun for everyone of all ages.”

Another popular ice skating place is in Bryant Park. It is free admission to skate, but you have to rent a pair of skates if you don’t have any. You can also enjoy the pop up markets around the park for last minute Christmas shopping.

Next on the list are the holiday pop-up markets in Manhattan. They are around Columbus Circle, Union Square, and the Chelsea markets. These pop up annually around this time and helpful for last minute shopping for the loved ones.

Here’s for all the brave swimmers. Every year for New Year’s, the Coney Island Polar Bear Club gather people to swim in the waters of Coney Island. There is no fee, but you have to register to swim. Or if you are looking to sit back and watch you can also do that.

“To be honest, I would never dare myself to go inside, but I’ve gone to see the event before. All you hear are the screams from the people touching the cold water and it is just a funny thing to hear people’s screams as they enter the water, ” Eduardo Gomez ’18.

The next thing on the list is the holiday windows at Macy’s near the Broadway side of the department store. These six windows are filled with Christmas decorations for decades giving the sense of the holidays and many great photo opportunities.

“I think that they’re interesting to go see and every year they’ll have something new and quite a sight,” Maria Martchuick ’18.

Next on the list is Dyker Heights; residents in the area decorate their houses with Christmas lights, inflatables, and moving pieces giving a strong vibe of the holiday spirit. The houses are covered from head to toe competing for the best Christmas decorated home in the neighborhood.

Simple, but yet a beautiful sight to see is at Time Warner Cable’s Holiday Under the Stars show, which shows big stars that are hanging from the ceiling changing colors playing along to holiday songs. Stars? Well why not go on a date with your loved one, family, or friends and watch the twinkle stars.

You can also hit up the New York City Aquarium. On Fridays after 3PM, admission is what you can pay donation so you can decide to pay or not. Watch the aquatic animals swim around in their tanks.

New Year’s is very important, as it is a time for new start or last year’s resolutions that we gave up a week later. Why not pass by Times Square and watch the New Year’s ball drop with thousands of other New Yorkers and people from all over the world? However, many not choose to participate in this event.

“I would rather stay home because I can be more comfortable with my family there rather than be cold in an overcrowded area. We can also just watch the ball drop on TV,” Jason Castaneda ’18.



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