Wrestling Team Trains for New Season

By Jahongir Davronov ‘18, Enrique Martinez ‘18 and Farruh Anorkulov ‘18

The wrestling team prepares to rule the city as their season starts off on November 1.

The wrestling team is off to a great start with a new head coach, Michael Dowd, and an assistant coach, Tyson Palmer.

Mr. Dowd, formerly the assistant coach, said he is excited to be the main coach. “But it’s a big responsibility, more details to keep track of, and a lot more place to be,” he said. “I can’t split the duties with anyone else,” he added.

The new coach, Tyson Palmer, is a former student and wrestler from Wingate High School who graduated from SUNY Potsdam and is helping the team get better. Coach Palmer is working hard to bring and keep the team in shape. He is running tough practices by working on cardio and intense wrestling.

“The team looks really strong and full of potential,” he said.

He believes that Midwood is “top tier” and has been seen as a tough school. Plus, the wrestlers believe in their coaches and each other. Coach Palmer said Wingate will always be close to his heart.

“I am a Midwood coach now. So I will do everything in my power to further Midwood’s success even if it’s against Wingate,” he said.

On top of that, the team needs more recruits. Unlike last season about 30 wrestlers now occupy the team. In contrast, nearly 50 students attended last year. There are only 15 weight classes to compete at.

“Numbers matter even though our team easily covers all of the weight classes,” said Orts Lamroe ’17, the captain of the wrestling team.

He says other teams have to be more careful in who to send up to wrestle if Midwood has more guys.

“Other teams may lose because they miscalculate who our coaches will call in to wrestle,” the captain mentioned. It’s not always quality over quantity when it comes to wrestling. Sometimes, having more guys can work as an advantage.

The grapplers of Midwood placed fifth in the city as a team after beating James Madison High School last season. Outstanding wrestlers and former captains Colin Dowd, Joseph Vittoriano, Nick Pavlov, and Amirbek Ahtamov contributed greatly on getting the team that far. Nick Pavlov beat Antonio Sanchez by a decision and earned Midwood 3 points. Joseph Vittoriano defeated Corey Feliciano in a similar situation. Amirbek Ahtamov wiped the floor with Elvin Guliyev and got the team 4 points with major decision. Colin Dowd placed first in the city in the weight class of 132 pounds, which granted Midwood a better seating for the city duals.

Nonetheless, Donald Li ’18, who was a first year wrestler, beat Feruz Telmanov with a decision when the scores were tied 31 to 31, handing the victory to Midwood. Last year’s season was a great experience for everyone on wrestling team.

However, this does not mean the 2016-2017 wrestling team isn’t as dedicated.

“We lost a lot of good wrestlers to graduation,” stated Coach Dowd.

He also said the team has excellent guys who were injured last year. Many wrestlers are wrestling in other gyms and clubs as well.

Raja Ali ’18 described the main workouts the team does mentioning push-ups, sit ups, wall sits, planks and jogging.

“He teaches us more cardiovascular workouts to get us into better wrestling shape,” said Raja Ali ‘18.

The team also seems to also feel the intensity of the new workouts and feel that this would significantly change the way they wrestle against others.

“What I like about the wrestling team is that the members are very helpful in teaching you many different moves and to aid you in becoming much better at the sport. They are very motivated and keep you working constantly,” said Gianny Chacon ‘18.

The members of the team are a single unit working together to accomplish a common goal. Chacon’s perspective on the team reflects on that by them helping newcomers out and teaching them the right techniques for certain moves. The members of the team are friendly and help each other to make them and their teammates better for future fights. It’s the unification between these members that they are so dedicated to the sport.

“As of right now, the team has to focus on conditioning and I feel we will do well in the near future,” said Shohrukh Abdulloev ’17.

Savlat Sanatov ’18 also said, “I think that we can get first place in city if we get together and work hard for it.”

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