Trump Election Foreshadows Doom for Progressives

By Xin Lin ‘18

Now that Donald Trump is the next president, the idea of immigrating to Canada doesn’t seem that absurd. In a historic election, the American people have decided to elect Trump for president – a win for the “silent majority” but an ordeal for the underrepresented.

According to The New York Times, despite Clinton winning the popular vote by a margin of 1.2 percent, Trump managed to perform better than expected in the Electoral College (290 to 232). He was able to find success in key swing states such as Florida and Wisconsin while knocking down the “blue wall” states of Pennsylvania and Michigan.

A Trump victory not only surprised everyone around the world, but it signaled the direction this country is headed in. His campaign was structured around misogyny, racism, bigotry, and xenophobia – the four walls of Trump. Yet, half of Americans supported him. Whether it was his comments about Mexican immigrants being “rapists and drug dealers” or his plan for a “total and complete shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States, Trump has created an America where hatred and prejudice is condoned.

Since President Trump became a reality, people around the country have been in fear. They are unsure what to expect from a Trump presidency. His anti-immigration rhetoric has undocumented immigrants and their families in constant despair. His anti-abortion claims have women fearing for their reproductive rights. His anti-LGBT stance has people in the LGBT community feeling unsafe and uncertain about their place in society. His belief that climate change is a hoax has people worrying about the future of this world and what it might mean for their children. Regardless of the issues, President Trump is a tragedy for the American people and for the future.

In the upcoming years, we can expect a government that goes against what a majority of Americans have been fighting for – equity. With conservatives in control of the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court, President Obama’s legacy is poised to be overturned. Policies implemented by the Obama Administration such as the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) and Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) can be overturn by Trump with the stroke of a pen. Within 100 days in office, he would introduce legislation that is more regressive than progressive. Perhaps, the only favorable bill he’d introduce is the abolition of Common Core.

There is no doubt that Trump will go down as one of the worst Presidents. He lacks the political knowledge and temperament to be the leader of arguably the best country in the world. He ran a campaign that degraded women and minorities all while promoting hatred and violence. The obscene language that he used will carry over to the White House and to the rest of America. As a nation, it is up to us, the citizens, to repudiate such behavior. We have to stay optimistic and fight for what we believe is right because no president – Democrat or Republican – can deprive us of our rights.


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