Soccer Team Speeds Through Season With Almost Perfect Record

By Lara Schuman ‘18

In interest of full disclosure, Lara Schuman ’18 is on the soccer team.

Co-Division champs of the Brooklyn A soccer division coasted through a tremendous regular season right into a tough playoff matchup, against the High School for Math, Science and Engineering (MSE). The Lady Hornets have had their best season yet under Ms. Lane, with an impressive 11-1 record, landing them at 13th seed for playoffs. They had shutouts in almost every game.

Ms. Lane and the Lady Hornets arrived at the game anxious, but eager to play.

“I feel good. Excited! Confident in my girls and their abilities,” said Ms. Lane.

“I’m a little nervous but mostly just anxious to see how this team will play since we haven’t played them before,” Biondina Voca ‘18 said. They were looking forward to playing tougher and more fierce competition to really test their skills.

The game plan for this game was, “..pretty much to play our game the way we have all season. Hold our positions, communicate, make good passes, take shots, and have fun,” Ms. Lane said.

The team knew little about the opposing team going into this game, except for that MSE had a girl with a powerful shot and a girl who could move the ball up the field. They knew they had to target them and shut them down.

During the first half of the game the Lady Hornets were exerting all they could give, but could just not get the ball in the back of the net. Their defense did a fantastic job of shutting down any type of offensive moves by MSE. Their goalie also kept great composure when there were very close calls. Overall, they were meshing well, with great passes, and great communication. The game was still at shutout by the end of the half at 0-0.

The frustration grew as they entered the second half. The team seemed to be losing some connection. Around 20 minutes into the second half, MSE scored the first goal. The Lady Hornets picked their heads back up, because it was only one goal and they knew they still had a chance to get back in this game and win it.

“I was obviously really disappointed, but I know I couldn’t let that affect how I was playing, so I put my all into it and hoped for the best I feel that their goal made us even more determined to win. We were making the plays down the field and giving great passes, but the ball just could not go into the net,” Salma Ali ‘17 added.

Ms. Lane said after the first goal was scored, “Our girls did seem to feel the sense of urgency, though, and they kept their focus on the game.”

As time began winding down the girls put all in the effort they could, but could not manage to make a goal. As the girls gathered together Ms. Lane made it clear that this was a tough loss, but this season shouldn’t be looked at just through this one game, it should show how far this team has come as a whole.

Regardless of this tough loss the Lady Hornets have even defeated Grand St, which last year seemed impossible. For the seniors on the team they came from a 1-14 record their freshman year to a 11-1 record.

“This season has felt different from the start. I was very excited about each girl that I kept on the team. The level of skill for most of the girls was higher than it has been in previous years, and there seemed to be an overall natural chemistry with the girls,” Ms. Lane said. These girls were more focused and connected this season than ever.

Brigid Reilly ’17 said, “On my first season, we didn’t quite get the communication fully down, we had a great season nonetheless, but not as great as our current one. That is the difference, we worked and trained harder this season, and it definitely payed off bringing us to the playoffs.”

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