New Website Brings Change

By Edvina Robinson ‘18 and Evelyn Perez ‘18

As the school’s website underwent redesign this fall because the website’s host was moved, Ms. Melissa Pentangelo became the school’s new website designer/updater.

According to Ms. Pentangelo, the school website was recreated because “the host [eChalk] was moved to a new server.”

The purpose of the website’s new layout is for it to be more accurate, accessible, and approachable to students, faculty, and families. As many people have noticed, the layout of the new website has the school’s picture in the background. In addition, many pages have been combined and information has been updated.

The maintenance of the new website costs the school approximately $25,000. According to Principal Michael McDonnell, this isn’t a lot compared to the price of other websites.

Both Mr. McDonnell and Ms. Pentangelo said that more changes to the website are coming. Such changes include, adding pictures when it’s possible, updating the search button, fixing the issue with the website freezing and adding different functionalities.

Many students complain that they find it hard to navigate on the new website.

Zakira Khan ‘18 said, “Better navigation can be added to the school website. I like the old website, where it’s a lot easier to see the calendar and events.”

Other students find the new change appealing and find the new website better than the former website.

“The new website makes me proud of my school since it shows that they’re constantly trying to improve,” said Sherell Farmer ’18. “This website is much more aesthetically pleasing — it’s more inviting than the former website.”

Dr. Ernest Pysher was responsible for updating the former website, but since he’s in charge of so many things, the job was passed to Ms. Pentangelo. She has experience with web design since that is what she used to do before she became a teacher.

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