Mr. Stack Named A.P. of Organization

By Sumaya Ahmed ‘18

Driven by dedication, responsibility, and love for our high school, Mr. Alan Stack was named Assistant Principal of Organization (APO) this year. A former teacher for the science department and Assistant Principal of Programming, accepting the role of APO was a privilege.

  “I go through rolls, why stick to a routine? Change is good, which is part of the reason I went from position to position,” said Mr. Stack.

He later admitted that the reason he was fixed to teaching was because he never had the same day twice, the change is what kept him going.

Mr. Stack now ensures that the school runs smoothly and efficiently by organizing substitute teachers, dealing with textbooks, and even caring for our health and safety matters. On the side, he’s focusing on organizing the keys the school has for each room.

“He has told me before that he likes to challenge himself, so once he feels like he conquered a position, he wants to move onto another project,” said Ms. Gina Gampero, who sees Mr. Stack for an hour everyday as his secretary.

Ms. Gampero explained that she enjoys working with Stack at a high level and respects his professional work ethic.
     “He was completely awesome as a programmer,” said Ms. Jodi Millman, a Guidance Counselor. “Always very bright, so I know for sure that he’s going to be an awesome organizer. He’s already making things easier for us by sending separate newsletters,” she said.

  As APO, Mr. Stack has been giving attention to limiting the school’s use of paper, acknowledging that many things are able to be done electronically, which is easier and more affordable.

“I know from monitoring in his office that Mr. Stack is very kind and organized,” said Rafaella Bruzual ‘18. “He’s also shown me that as a student if I have a problem I’m able to always ask him or go to him,” she said.

A former teacher in the sciences himself, he’s proven to understand what students need and how to attend to them.    

“Teaching’s fun, kids are fun,” Mr. Stack admits. “I laughed a lot when I started teaching and to me, that’s a situation I wanted to be in,” he explained.

Mr. Stack has now found himself enveloped in the school’s organization and enjoys it very much.

“Working here is being behind the scenes of the students, who are the superstars, overall it’s an amazing experience working in a school where the diversity never stops,” he said.

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