Midwood Welcomes New Additions to Staff (Social Studies Department)

By Maria Martchiuk ‘18

A new school years means new teachers with Midwood welcoming three new teachers to the social studies department: Ms.Doyle, Ms. Englard and Mr.Blaise.

Ms.Doyle came from teaching first at a middle school for one year and then at Archimedes Academy in the Bronx for four years.

“Midwood is huge.  I’m used to much smaller schools.  Midwood has amazing organization, måore resources for students, more extracurriculars and a lot of pride,” she said.

Ms.Doyle currently teaches 11th grade U.S. History.

“I love teaching here, I like the diversity and level of respect students have for learning.  They are happy and eager to learn,” Ms.Doyle said.

Ms.Doyle is excited to see how we celebrate cultural events like Kwanza Fest and more.

Ms. Englard came from teaching for 17 years in New Jersey and then three years at the Brooklyn School for Music and Theatre.

“There are a lot of personal connections amongst the people at Midwood although it is such a large school,” she said.

Currently, Ms. Englard teaches 10th grade Global History. She said the location of the school and how easy it to get here every morning.

“There’s more diversity here at Midwood, the students are polite and determined to succeed and have personality.” Ms. England said.“ I would love to join a lot of the clubs that they offer as a student.”

Mr. Blaise is another one of the new social studies teachers who came to Midwood this school year. Mr. Blaise came from teaching at a variety of schools throughout the city and also taught in France, South Korea and Haiti prior to coming to Midwood.

“I like the curiosity, the enthusiasm. I like the fact that students can hold themselves accountable for their learning and ownership of their work,” said Mr. Blaise.

Like Ms. Englard, Mr. Blaise also teaches 10th grade Global History.

“The teachers of the department are very together amongst themselves.  We’re a good unit, we help one another,” Mr. Blaise said.

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