Midwood Welcomes New Additions to Staff (Science Department)

By Hilary Vidals ‘18

This year there were new teachers introduced in almost every department. The science department introduced a dedicated and hard working teacher.

Ms. Khrisna Alvarez is currently a new chemistry teacher. She has learned to grow and love her job throughout her experience.

Ms. Alvarez had offers from different schools to teach in. She chose to teach in this school because she finds it to be a fulfilling challenge to teach a large number of diverse students.

“It was the first school that offered me a job and waited for me to receive my teacher’s license,” she said.

Ms. Alvarez has noticed throughout her career that when teaching a diverse number of students she needs to come up with different strategies to accommodate different students’ learning needs. She feels that some classes are easier to teach while other classes need a little more help, but overall all her classes are satisfying.

“They’re diverse, fun, and some are challenging in terms of wide range of abilities in the classroom,” she explained.

She has taught at the University of Philippines and the University of Connecticut. She thinks that college students are different from high school students in terms of learning abilities. College students are left on their own after being taught the concept. Meanwhile, high school students need to be monitored and assessed to see what they need more help in.

Ms. Alvarez likes that her students ask her questions when they need help. It helps her and gives her some feedback on what students need a little more in depth explanation. It also helps give her an idea on how to plan the lesson for the following day.

One of Ms. Alvarez’s favorite parts of chemistry is acids and bases because they are easy to apply to the real world.

She doesn’t consider high school students to be better than college students. She refers to high school students as more energetic and eager to learn.

“High school students ask more questions,” she explained.

She refers to college students to be more mature and less interactive.

Ms. Alvarez has shown that throughout her career she has learned to manage and teach a great amount of diverse students with different learning abilities.

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