Midwood Welcomes New Additions to Staff (Math Department)

By Zunaira Bibi ’18 

Mr. Matthew Fazio didn’t set out to be a teacher from the very start. In fact, he sampled a variety of fields before he finally decided on a career in teaching. 

“When I was in high school, I wanted to be a baseball player, and then I worked in electrical engineering before becoming a teacher. I wanted to do something more creative but still analytical. I wanted to work with people more,” said Mr. Fazio.  

Mr. Fazio has taught Algebra, Algebra II, Consumer App, and Entrepreneurship in his previous school, which was located in Manhattan. In Midwood, however, he teaches Algebra II/Trigonometry. 

With so many distinctive students, co-workers and classes, each work experience can be very different. It can be diverse in terms of academics, co-workers, and the politics of the work place. 

“Like any new work environment or school environment, just meeting people, getting used to where to go, that type of thing is the challenge. Everyone in the Math Department is so nice and so welcoming that it’s just such an easy transition,” said Mr. Fazio. 

Although Mr. Fazio has easily adapted to his new work environment, there were definitely some differences he noted between the school he was previously teaching in and Midwood. 

“There’s so many more clubs and sports and different activities this school has available so its been super interesting and the amount of people in the math department is like 3-4 times the size in my old school, so there’s so much more sharing and collaborating which is great. I think because of all the activities and clubs and all that stuff there’s more of an appreciation for the school here than where I was before,” Mr. Fazio said. 

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