Macs Available in Computer Labs

By Jonathan Krimgold ’18

Out with the old PCs which barely worked and in with the new Macs which arrived in August to rooms 345, 480, and 483, funded by the City Council digressionary funds.

“Newer, faster, cleaner, wireless, and even prettier,” said Dr. Ernest Pysher when describing the new computer labs.

Students who take A.P computer science, video production and graphic design use these labs daily. However, according to Ms. Catherine Kaczmarek any teacher can request to use the lab for their class.

“There are enough computers for the whole class, and the large screen in front of the room makes it easier to teach. Plus this allows my students to create designs, and do blogs.” said Ms. Kaczmarek.

These computers contain many beneficial software such as the basic Word, PowerPoint and excel, but also include Photoshop for design, Garage Band to create audio, Eclipse for coding, Premiere Pro for editing film and so many more weird sounding programs that are beneficial to students. Plus Macintosh technology is overall better in graphics and AutoCAD.  

“These updated computers make the whole course easier and more fun. The old PCs had outdated Windows software and this frustrated me because I felt like I couldn’t get my work done,” said Cayla Bernstein ’18.

Frank Troiso ‘18 “I’m thankful that the school finally got new computers because the lag was real last year, when I was animating.”

The school even replaced those gum-plastered desks with nice looking ones put in uniform rows.

“A school this size definitely needs a big, new lab accessible to students and that is exactly what we received,” said Mr. Albert Peterson.

However, there were some inconveniences some students and teachers found with these new labs.

“In the beginning of my Graphic Design class I realized that the computer mouse’s wire is extremely short making it uncomfortable to use,” said Damali Ramirez ’18.

Philip HoSang ‘17 “I used the computer lab for my classes since freshman year, and my senior year we finally upgraded, but the Wi-Fi strength is pretty bad because mostly everyone is using the Wi-Fi.”

Mr. Peterson added, “Reinventing the wheel on a new operating system is a challenge, but I feel the school is adapting.”

The macs were paid for by a grant from our councilman, Jumanne Williams, and it was funded by the City Council’s digressionary funds. The school received the resolution in June 2015 and the computers arrived in August 2016 just in time for the beginning of the school year.

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