Hornets Buzz Over Election

By Rachel Goryachkovskiy ’18

Donald J. Trump, the next president of the United States of America, has caused a vast shock to citizens of the U.S. and other countries with his surprising win over Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. As the election sped up and the fallout of the race was imminent, individuals were either enraged or elated.

In a school as disparate as Midwood, the reactions to the referendum couldn’t be more varied.

Some of the most prominent feelings were those of fear, anxiety, excitement, indifference, contempt, denial and acceptance.

Students like Bilal Khan ’18 said, “I was shocked because it was really hard to imagine that people would actually vote for someone like Trump.” He explained that although his initial candidate was democratic nominee Bernie Sanders, and he wasn’t particularly fond of Hillary Clinton, he was ready to accept anyone other than Trump.

Others like Zhanna Olevskaya ’19 elaborated on why Trump’s win wasn’t as big a phenomenon as people made it out to be. “I truly wasn’t shocked by the outcome. When I heard the news, I started to think about what good the future president would be able to do. I mean, he was chosen to be president for a reason, and he wouldn’t have won if a good amount of people didn’t think he was capable to fulfill the position,” she said.

Of the individuals who were more distraught, their biggest concern was that a Trump presidency would pave way to more hostility and isolation of certain groups within our country including women, minorities, and the LGBTQ community.

“I don’t like how Trump sexually harassed women and got away with it,” said Doris Zhu ’17. “It makes me feel scared and angry… he treats women like objects that he can use as he pleases.”

Notions like this were relatively prominent amongst students who felt that Trump’s presidency would negatively affect the way that people treat and perceive women. However, a bigger concern was raised in regards to how Trump would impact the way different races are treated.

“I feel like with him being president, it will allow citizens of the U.S. to display more radicalized racial and sexist views,” said Lily Accetulli ’19.

A recent FBI report on Hate Crime Statistics in 2015 depicts how crime rates have surged by 6% since 2014 towards women, members of the LBGT community, and minorities, following the start of Donald Trump’s campaign.

“The protests can’t be the only action,” said Jay Lonzo ’18. “I commend the people out there still standing for what they feel is right. But protesting his election isn’t going to change the fact that we have him for the next presidency. We need to figure out how to stay strong and stay together, because his success is our success.”

In regards to the near future under Trump’s presidency, Rachel Rodin ’18 stated, “(Trump’s win) will result in a more conservative country, which is not productive. Also, this will greatly affect the access and affordability of birth control and other contraceptives.”

Others like Nicole Gelfman ’18 said, “I think it will affect our foreign relations the most considering that Trump has ties to Vladimir Putin and other world leaders. I believe Donald Trump will negatively impact the political world considering he is not experienced enough in this field.”

Staying true to our morals and what we believe as United States citizens is pivotal in the effort to smoothly transition between these two presidencies.

In the words of our current president Barack Obama, after a private meeting with Donald Trump in the White House, Obama explained, “…everybody is sad when their side loses an election, but that we’re all actually on the same team.”

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