Hillary, You’re Fired

By Noman Ahmad `17

The results are in, Donald Trump will be the 45th president of the United States. He absolutely destroyed Hillary Clinton in the electoral college (290-232) according to CNN, despite losing the popular vote. For many people, this came as a surprise; major polls showed Clinton winning with a slight chance for Trump to pull off an upset. Many people are scared for the future of this nation because of Trump’s rhetoric during his campaign. On the other hand, many people are ecstatic for a change in the nation; they believe he can bring that as president. No matter what your political views are, one thing is pretty clear; our nation is more divided than ever.

Immediately after Trump clinched the 270 votes needed to win the election, protests broke out in major cities. From New York City to Seattle, people took to the streets to chant anti-Trump slogans from ‘Love Trumps Hate’ to ‘no Trump, No KKK, no Fascist USA’ reported by CNN. Protests are still continuing and he has not even stepped into the oval office yet. Trump’s campaign has enraged the hearts of these citizens who hoped that racism and misogyny were things of the past, and things that Donald Trump’s campaign has endorsed throughout.

Since the beginning of Trump’s campaign, controversy seemed to follow his every move. He called for a ban on Muslims and Latinos, disrespected women and their genders, and been racist to the black and African-American community on multiple occasions. Currently, he is scheduled for trial for allegedly raping a 13-year old teenager, HuffingtonPost reports. Shockingly, this is the man that Americans elected as their president. The non-American rhetoric that Trump portrayed in his campaign simply must not be ignored. Trump must be held responsible for any unconstitutional behavior that is presented during his years in office.

Trump becoming president isn’t a good thing, but what’s worse is a divided nation. We must come together now, leave the past behind us, and work towards a better future. We can still work with president Trump on the issues that matter for the well being of American citizens. If there is an instance where he targets a certain minority or group of people, we should oppose him to our best ability. American citizens must not hold the fear inside themselves, they should get out and voice their opinion when they feel wronged.

The result of the election cannot be changed, however, America can still be great if we all come together and work towards a better future no matter who is sitting in the oval office.

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