Girls Volleyball Team Smashes Competition in City Championships

By Abeer Naeem ’17

Ear deafening shouts filled the air, as the girls volleyball team thrust the city championship trophy into the air. The girls have made Midwood history, as they brought home the first ever PSAL Championship banner.

“It feels great and putting a banner up in the school is the icing on the cake,” said the volleyball team coach, Ms. Thomasina Lenzi. The girls feel the same way as they have established a legacy and had the chance to experience a great game.

Many Hornets played to the best of their ability. One individual who was pounding balls was senior Julie Greenspan.

“I’m so happy of my team to have achieved such a great accomplishment being my last year. I hope they continue this path of success,” said Greenspan ’17.

Having been in the finals for many years, yet never winning the city championship, the girls volleyball team has obtained a long awaited win. Individuals like Greenspan are excited for what’s to come in the next years and can only hope for the best.

Ezri Shor ’18 hopes to continue this legacy of winning. Shor’18 is sad to see the seniors go, but has no doubt that her teammates will put in effort to repeat this joyous moment another year.

However, the magic during the tournament was anything but luck as the girls had been practicing nonstop and were like a well oiled machine.

Vata agrees as she believes her team worked hard.

“We achieved our personal best and this confirms that we are one of the best teams,” she said.

Ms.Lenzi is proud to say that her team has an excellent work ethic, loyalty, and constant diligence that brought the team to be faster and tighter than ever before.

The girls team proved this statement to be true as they crushed their opponents, Benjamin Cardozo High School, 25-14 and were in control. Players like Julie Greenspan’17, Kateryna Baranovych’17, Fiona Ng He’17, and Liridona Vata’17 were striking balls left and right.The rest of the girls showed their skills as well as there were many subs to help throughout the entirety of the game.

The girls volleyball team and Ms. Lenzi have set the pedestal high for the coming Hornets as they have made Midwood  history. Girls like Karina Pyatigorsky ’18 say that they owe their win to the support system the team carries.

Pyatigorsky said, “The day in and out support that our team has is unlike any other and the amount of passion we have is indescribable.”

Ms. Lenzi believes that the team’s ambition was the real reason why they won.

“These girls are fantastic, knowledgeable, confident and they make me proud everyday on or off the court,” said Ms. Lenzi. “I am proud to be their coach and will cherish this win as will the players.”

A force to be reckoned with, their fans should expect great things from the girls as they are the ones to beat. The Lady Hornets are putting their best foot forward and hope to keep this title in the near future.

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